The Artistry of Appetite: How Colors Influence Dining Experience
The role of colors in restaurant design goes far beyond aesthetics. Restaurant designers must carefully consider the psychological and practical…
Solo Dining is the New Fashion in Years to Come
From keeping local, natural and homegrown at the forefront to rise of plant based items on the menu and eventually brands trying hands on mock meat…
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Restaurant timing to get extended in Mumbai, Pune restaurant body requests for the same relaxations
"Our main business is in the evening. Dining hours in the restaurants should be extended in the evening," added Shetty by pointing that the…
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More takers for at-home dining
According to a recent study by Deloitte, convenience is the new king while studying the food consumption pattern.
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Dining Trends to watch in 2021
With India being home to over 35 regional cuisines, there are unique opportunities to include creative packaging such as reusable claypots, thalis…
How cloud-based POS is helping the food business grow during the pandemic
The transformation from offline to online has not only helped the Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Cafes to maintain a social distance but also…
How takeaway business has seen a jump during the pandemic
Restaurants across the world have started acknowledging the increasing appetite for home delivery and takeaway, while Dine-in picks up a steady pace.
How Experiential Dining is Changing the Face of New Age Dining
From infusing fun and food together, this novel concept aims at creating a memorable meal at the table.
Brand integrity is something we truly believe
In conversation with Restaurant India, Shefali Gandhi, Owner, KOI ASIAN DINING shares about their growth story.
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