How This Restaurant is Advocating the Right Manner of Conscious Eating
To ensure optimal kitchen efficiency, kitchens at Fig are efficient because of designated people within the team to ensure sourcing and production…
7 Hospitality Industry Trends to watch out in 2022
The importance of technology has been widespread and is highly accepted by Hospitality industries and their owners in today's time.
CCPA says no restaurants can force to pay service charges; restaurateurs' voices it as an unfair announcement
Bagga also pointed that why only the restaurant industry is being singled out even airlines, cinemas, automobile dealerships and many other service…
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M-Bar all set to revolutionize Kolkata's F&B scene in a new avatar
In their newer avatar, it plans to replace the fine dining concept with fun dining that offers a sensory extravaganza.
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Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
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5 mom-preneur who started their venture out of the love for food
More and more women are joining the bandwagon and pursuing their dream leaving behind the four walls.
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How does the restaurant design post-pandemic look like?
Restaurants are exploring significant changes in the layouts, with a focus on limited social interaction between the patrons, the chefs and the…
Restaurant Owners to Lookout for ways to retain existing customers post Covid-19 Loss
Once the lockdown ends it may have an effect on the employment of the majority as businesses will be focusing on coping up with their losses.
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5 Key Learning to Adopt From Restaurateur Anjan Chatterjee
If you don't have a differentiated product you are dead, me too product you are dead.
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Recipe For Success: Chefpreneur Pallavi Jayswal Believes Consistency is The Key
In an interview with Restaurant India, Pallavi Jayswal, Chef and Co-founder, Uno Mas - Tapas Bar Kitchen, talks about her journey as a chefpreneur.
Three Years and 108 Licenses Know How India's First Floatel Opened Doors for Other Water Businesses
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Aishwarya Bhende, Director, AB Celestial, talks about the key challenges she faced in setting up the…
Restaurant Businesses are Seeing Aerocity as The Prime Location Ingredient in Delhi
Aerocity in Delhi has become what Cyber Hub is to Gurugram.
Vikrant Batra Says To Start a Restaurant Business, You Have to be a Pre-startup
Restaurateur Vikrant Batra, in a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, speaks about the key challenges while starting a restaurant, and more.
We will recreate the restaurant experience with Uno India, says Harshavardhan Neotia
In an exclusive interview, Harshavardhan Neotia talks about creating a smart dining experience with Uno Chicago Bar and Grill India.
How This Restropreneur is Making His Brand an Intrinsic Experience
In conversation with Restaurant India, Inderjeet Singh Banga, Founder, Pirates of Grill, Prankster, Pra Pra Prank shares the exciting journey of…
How to Manage your Restaurant Staff
Having the right number of employees, or trying to run your business with less staff will hardly make sense.
How Tier-II, III markets are proving to be more profitable
Customers in smaller cities relate and connect with a brand as people get emotionally attach.
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7 Takeaways From Restaurant India Bengaluru
Restaurant business is driven by passion and determination more than anything else.
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Currency demonetisation hits restaurant industry
The restaurants that used to outperform with people waiting outside to look out for their numbers have been badly affected by this short-term move.
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Planning to start your own restaurant, here are few things you need to know
Despite all the flowery returns that the sector offers, there are some major challenges to make a strong foothold in the segment.
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Know Why This Mumbai Restaurateur Suggests To Start Small
In an interview with Restaurant India, Sannat Ahuja, Co-founder of Juss by Sindhful, says, "before investing a big amount in the restaurant, be sure of your product and do a few trials."
How This Mumbai Restaurant Is Banking on Nostalgia
Door No. 1 was also awarded as Best Retro Bar of Western India by Restaurant India in 2018.
We Serve Only South Indian But Tweak Our Serving Style As Per Market Demands, says Chef Chalapathi Rao
In an interview with Restaurant India, Chef Chalapathi Rao, owner of Simply South, talks about the expansion and growth plans of his restaurant.
Understand the Spices and Ingredients Before You Use Them, Says Romy Gill
In tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Head Chef and Owner of Romy's Kitchen, Romy Gill shares about her struggles and how did she overcome the challenges as a woman restaurateur in the UK.
Restaurateur Shivam Sehgal Sees an Untapped Business Opportunity in Delhi's Dwarka
In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Shivam Sehgal, founder of The Market Place restaurant, shares how he is planning to go big with his restaurant.