How On-the-Go Products is Transforming India's Food Industry
The trend toward on-the-go eating is not just about convenience; it's also about making healthier choices. Consumers are becoming more health-…
We want to be more relevant to youth: Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard talks to Restaurant India about their revival.
We are in talks with McDonalds, CCD to deliver our food products- Mother's Recipe
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Rajan Mathew, VP, Desai Brother's (Mother's Recipe) shares his main customers in the…
Building an efficient relationship with Suppliers
Engaging a supplier is not a task, although bargaining is the real challenge for restaurants. In this case the restaurants need to understand the…
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Organic food market to reach $1.36bn by 2020- Government
The study suggested that companies in collaboration with the government should organise awareness and training programmes for farmers as well as…
Naturally Yours raises seed funding from Sanjay Mehta
Naturally Yours which is presently serving online with their own website and through Amazon receives over 1000-1500 orders from their own website and…
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How Maggi scare opened Govt eyes to rethink food safety
We have made sure about the quality of the food and that proper information is given to our consumers, said Dave.
No food is 'chemical free': research
And in some cases, healthy foods contain more chemicals than processed sweets. In an example, a banana is shown containing more than 50 chemicals…
More food products under scanner in Punjab, Govt bans 16 food products over food safety
According to the statement, the food products have been declared unsafe for consumption and packaging termed as misleading and misbranded by the…
How food brands can work together to improve food safety?
From the foregoing discussion, it is evident that testing for contaminating metals is a very important aspect of maintaining food safety.
Maggi ban hits over Rs 320 crore market at Nestle India
There will be additional costs to take into account, for example bringing stock from the market, transporting the stock to the destruction points,…
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