5 Food Trends Set to Make Waves in 2024
As we step into 2024, we're eager to showcase the rich tapestry of flavors that define our culinary philosophy. We're committed to…
4 Key Takeaways from Restaurant India Hyderabad
Standardisation is playing a key role in the growth of quick service restaurant chains whereas if you are running a restaurant that is based on…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 4 MIN READ
Indian Cuisine Prevails as Top Pick, Delhi Shines as Culinary Haven in YouGov Food Rankings 2023
Indian cuisine holds a special place in the hearts of urban Indians, as a remarkable 81 pc of respondents named it as their favorite. Chinese cuisine…
Taste the Nation: The Crucial Link between Restaurants and India's Tourism Strategy
Indian cuisine boasts an unparalleled array of dishes that vary from region to region, showcasing the use of aromatic spices, vibrant ingredients,…
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How an Indian Restaurant in New York Honors its Roots
The Indian restaurant industry in the US has been growing steadily, with an estimated market size of $9 billion as of 2022.
Beyond Litti Chokha: How Restaurants are capitalising on varied cuisine of Bihar
While beautifully varied, Bihari food is also one of the most understated. The truth being said, there are a lot of home-grown recipes that have not…
Refugee food creating dominant space in Indian culinary culture
When discussing refugee food, one cannot complete the list without Tibetan food. North India is filled with Tibetan joints.
How restaurants are banking upon the growing trend of fermented foods
According to Spoonshot's proprietary data, between 2015 and 2019, interest in this space increased by 49.6 percent due to the associated health…
The secrets of Indian cuisine - What affects its taste
Indian dishes are a different world of flavours, aromas, spices, ingredients and culinary skills & techniques.
How Regional cuisines are taking a front seat in India
From exploring the Kashmiri Pandit cuisine to the food of East and the some never heard delicacies of Pondicherry, travellers and food dwellers too…
This Cloud-kitchen player is doing 45 to 50k orders weekly
Talking to Restaurant India Chef Rehman Mujeebur, Celebrity & Roaming Chef and Restaurant Consultant talks about the growth of dark-kitchen…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 6 MIN READ
"I Love to Romance with Food"
In an interview with Restaurant India, Jaspal Singh Bindra and Divya Saluja Bindra, Proprietor at Punjabi Kadhai share their passion about food and…
Drs Rahul and Nirupama: Achieving Dreams with Amaya Bar and Grill
What made them successful in facing challenges was their systematic attitude and love for food and customers.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 5 MIN READ