AD Singh's Advice To Entrepreneurs: Take Franchise For First Few Restaurants
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, AD Singh, Managing Director at Olive Bar And Kitchen Pvt Ltd. says, "For the first couple of…
Three Years and 108 Licenses Know How India's First Floatel Opened Doors for Other Water Businesses
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Aishwarya Bhende, Director, AB Celestial, talks about the key challenges she faced in setting up the…
Vikrant Batra Says To Start a Restaurant Business, You Have to be a Pre-startup
Restaurateur Vikrant Batra, in a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, speaks about the key challenges while starting a restaurant, and more.
Balancing the Game with Changing Palates
Most of the really good tasting foods often have the highest margins.
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Creating a Story around Food
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Celebrity Chef Amrita Raichand talks about creating experience for children.
"Go Beyond Food for Creating Experience"
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Ashish Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, TexMex Cuisine India Pvt. Ltd. talks about going beyond food.
Tips to Grow Your Biz
Restaurants today are becoming health conscious by themselves. They are very choosey about picking up ingredients to make sure customer gets a…
Maintaining Cost Factor is Vital for Biz
People all of a sudden are more conscious about food and therefore chefs need to be more conscious to satisfy their requirements
Pouring Experience to New Age Customers
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, R.J. Surendranath, Managing Director of M/s. HNS Hotels Pvt. Ltd which runs Chai Galli tea cafe…
"Making Indian Food More Cosmopolitan"
In a candid conversation with Restaurant India, Celebrity Chef Romy Gill talks about going back to the roots.
How Innovation Results Into Customer Loyalty
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Manish Rishi talks about maintaining and managing all the things together at the restaurant.
Balancing Between Authenticity and Idea
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Munaf Kapadia, Chief Eating Officer at The Bohri Kitchen talks about bringing bohri food revolution.
Customer Experience Boosts the Revenue
Talking to Restaurant India, Kapil Malhotra, Founder and MD,Total Solutions Group talks about providing the best customer experience.
How The Diners Are Taking On Digital Trend
The foodservice industry is poised to outpace the economy for the 12th consecutive year with sales expected to reach $632 billion, a 3.5 per cent…
Reinventing the Bar Biz
For restaurateurs quality is the major concern while envisioning any concept or creating a product. At the end of the day, restaurateurs have to treat it like a business so it's a tight row where one has to balance out.
How This Restaurant is Blending the Senses Together
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Arjun Sagar Gupta, Founder and Proprietor, The Piano Man talks about introducing the first Jazz bar in India.
How New Trends Drive F&B
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Chef Akmal Anuar, Co-Founder & Chef, 3 Fils Restaurant shares that experience is anything unique plus incredible.
It's All About Simplicity in Restaurant Biz
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India Kabir Suri, Co-Founder and Director of Azure Hospitality shares the importance of simplifying food.
How Franchise Upgrade Restaurant Biz
When one looks at opening a restaurant especially in a diverse market like India they need to get their training right, SOPs right, get a lot of technical people on board to be able to assist them and set up systems, it comes with huge cost.
How Cafe Segment Is Inclining Towards Healthy Life
Things have changed over the period of time, now people are smart and convenience friendly. They know what they want and they do not want to compromise because they have options.
What To Do To Maintain Success?
Maintaining success is not everyone's cup of tea. To maintain the stature and brand in top position a lot of hard work is poured in it.
7th Annual Indian Restaurant Congress 2017
Today consumers who are drawn to an experiential dining experience are willing to pay more, too. Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 will share the building blocks of the food service in an innovative ecosystem.
Ethnic Food Has Become Serious Biz
Traditional Indian food is amongst the best in the world but still hasn't got its full due. There is so much to learn and savour from our cuisine and we need to promote it, irrespective of any physical boundaries.
Building Biz Over A Cup Of Coffee
It's good that everybody is getting mature in food and beverage industry and they want to innovate something actually amazing to give customer an outstanding experience.