8 Innovative Restaurant Marketing Strategies for 2024
In the dynamic landscape of restaurant marketing, innovation is the key to success. By embracing these strategies, restaurants can navigate the…
6 marketing ideas for your restaurant
​Hospitality industry is growing at a very fast rate as everyday a new restaurant comes up with some unique concept. To sustain in the market, it…
Approach Investors With A Clear Business Plan: Michelin-Star Chef Garima Arora's Advice to Restaurant Startups
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Michelin-Star Chef Garima Arora speaks about her entrepreneurial journey with Gaa.
Nestle India Rolls Out a New Scheme to Curb Plastic Waste
With the Maggi Wrappers Return Scheme, Nestle India wants to make 100 per cent of packaging reusable or recyclable.
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
IReC 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
IReC 2024
D2C INDIA 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
D2C INDIA 2024
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
18-19 May - (IICC) India International Convention and Expo Centre, Delhi, India
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 2, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
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Digital Marketing is Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business
In the hospitality industry, technology is making things convenient and easy to access for both the customers and the business owners.
Learn How to Build & Sustain the Bond with Regular Customers
These Steps Will Help You to Bring in Regular Customers for Your Restaurant
Your Restaurant Needs a Strong Social Media Presence
Leveraging social data to strengthen your brand's social media marketing strategies.
Why This Restaurant Believes In Changing Menu Fortnightly
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Sagar Neve, Director, Neve Hospitality talks about his journey and experiences in the hospitality industry…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 5 MIN READ
Why Street Marketing Is A Necessity For A Brand
Street marketing (advertising done on the streets) has the ability to reach out to a lot of people at a single time creating the awareness for your…
How Location Plays A Key Role In Running Your Food Business
It's all about location when starting a restaurant. Location acts as an anchor point to your idea which helps you in sustaining in this…
How Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Working For Many Restaurateurs
Whenever a person goes out to a new place for dining, it is often due to the soliciting advice from friends and families for their recommendations.
food-tech players targets on quick deliveries to gain customers attention
foodpanda has tied up with around 900 vendors in Delhi NCR and Pune including Burger King, Wendy's, Biryani Blues, Eatsome, Subway, Ammi's…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 3 MIN READ
23 Marketing Strategies for Increasing Customers in your Restaurant
Would you like more customers in your restaurant?
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How Chefs Can Benefit From the Digital Food Pairing Technology
Scientist Ganesh Bagler tells Restaurant India how chefs at restaurants can make the best use of the data using computational gastronomy.
10-Step Checklist To Run a Successful Floating Restaurant Business in Mumbai
The first step towards building the business is to acquire all mandatory licenses, permissions and concerned NOCs.
Five Strategies that Restaurant Startups Must Adopt to Grow
From renting your venue out for private events to offering a seasonal menu, there are multiple research-backed strategies you can use to run a successful restaurant. Here are the expert tips.
Food Displays and Good Menu Are The Best Ways To Advertise Your Restaurant, Says Chef Vivek Kalia
"Local, fresh and seasonal descriptors are something that I keep in mind during the initial framework for a menu," reveals Indore Marriott Hotel Executive Chef Vivek Kalia.
A Win-Win Deal for Restaurants and Consumers! How To Snag Profits With This 100% Vegan Debit Card
JP McCormack, Vegannection Partner, the UK and Ireland, tells Restaurant India about the world's first 100% vegan debit card and its scope in the Indian market.
Be Experimental, Add Regional Cuisines on Menu: Maneesh Baheti's Advice to Restaurants
In tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Founder of S.A.A.G., Maneesh Baheti speaks about the long-term benefits of introducing global regional cuisines in India.