Why Restaurant Industry is Bleeding with Entry Level Workforce
ICRA estimates suggest that these chains are set to open 2,300 new stores with an investment of Rs 5,800 crore between 2022-23 and 2024-25,…
5 Biz Plan you Need to make before you start your Restaurant
Before you set foot in the kitchen, it's crucial to map out a comprehensive business plan that encompasses various aspects of your venture.…
8 Innovative Restaurant Marketing Strategies for 2024
In the dynamic landscape of restaurant marketing, innovation is the key to success. By embracing these strategies, restaurants can navigate the…
Hospitality Industry Rally for Equitable GST on Dining Experiences in Hotels
Since 2018, hoteliers have been vocal about their concerns that this tax variation is causing a decline in restaurant footfall, as customers opt for…
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Costs in Opening New Restaurant
Starting a restaurant is no mean task but that should not stop you from starting one.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 5 MIN READ
Prashanth Kuchimanchi Appointed as F&B manager at Radisson Blu Atria
Prior to joining Radisson Blu Atria, Prashanth has worked with leading brands like Maven Hospitality, Hyderabad International Convention Centre…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 2 MIN READ
How Restaurants are Overcoming Operational Challenges
From online ordering, getting the food delivered at home to contactless payment and adoption of technologies like ChatGPT and AI in restaurant…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 6 MIN READ
Sustainability in Restaurants a Major Trend in 2023
In 2023, contactless experiences, personalization, sustainability, health and wellness, and social responsibility will be some of the top trends that…
Restaurants in tourist destinations are happy to see houseful operations
Additionally, newer trends like education tourism, staycations, workstations, and homestays are also expected to generate revenue in the coming times…
4 tips from an experienced chef to survive a professional kitchen
Restaurants will have to continue providing exceptional service in terms of technology, too. We should follow the latest tech trends in the industry…
What it took to open a restaurant amid the pandemic
This restaurateur talks about challenges, innovation, experiences while opening a restaurant amid the pandemic.
Mumbai Restaurateurs cheer as restaurants now allowed to open till 1:30 am after 2 years
"Restaurants, Theaters, Natyagrihas shall remain open with 50 per cent capacity as per normal timing before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 3 MIN READ
Is it time to reshape the food supply chain?
The global foodservice supply chain represents more than $1 trillion in annual sales. The foodservice equipment market is about $37 billion, and the…
Mumbai's award-winning resto-bar Butterfly High enters Thane
The all-day restaurant is the brainchild of Nikita Poojari & Narayan Poojari, the owner of Shiv Sagar food and resort Pvt. Ltd., and managing…
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Restaurateurs welcome DDMA order with open arms, says this will boost sale by 25 per cent
Beginning this Tuesday, restaurants and bars in the national capital region will no longer need to close operations by 10pm, they are now allowed to open till 1 Am or as per the license they have or were running before the pandemic hit the nation.
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What does restaurant recruitment in Covid world looks like
It is being estimated that over two million people directly employed in the sector may be rendered jobless.
How to optimise supply chain management in trying times
In these trying times, apart from taking the help of technology, restaurateurs should also come up together and form a consortium for procurement which may be of major help in cost-cutting.
Moner ?India's First and Only Dessert Bar & Bistro makes its way to Bandra
After working at multiple Michelin-star restaurants and creating fabulous desserts at Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe for events like Priyanka Chopra's bridal shower, Chef Freny Fernandes is back home.
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Restaurant Industry has Become the Talk of the Town and How
Providing an ever-broadening range of eating choices delivered right at the door, Foodservice aggregators are on a rise like never before.
Food Trucks, Volatile Yet A Desirable Business Model
Mumbai as compared to Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore has a long way to go when it comes to Food Trucks/Parks.
Digital Marketing is Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business
In the hospitality industry, technology is making things convenient and easy to access for both the customers and the business owners.
How Restaurant Blogging Brings in More Business
While there are countless ways to market your restaurant, restaurant blogging outweighs most methods.
"We are organising the unorganised market for fresh Beverages, says Anuj Rakyan"
Anuj Rakyan's startup Raw Pressery went on to pick up a $1.8 million round from Sequioa Capital and has become a well-known brand in urban India.
Make or Break the Dining Experience
When selecting the right design, ensure that you choose styles that flow with the rest of other design choices.