How real consumers have become social media influencers for food businesses
A recent study shows 58 percent of consumers are impressed by brands providing a necessary service, and 55 percent say they value brands that have…
Dealing with New Trends of Social Media Marketing
It is cheaper as compared to the traditional forms of marketing, targets the right customer base, and is high on results.
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  • / 5 MIN READ
Your Restaurant Needs a Strong Social Media Presence
Leveraging social data to strengthen your brand's social media marketing strategies.
How Social Media can Help Build Business
Every business is doing marketing via social media then why should food business left? One just needs to figure out who the customer is and then hit…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
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Chinese story to open 10 franchise outlets- Vaibav Kumarvel
In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Vaibav Kumarvel, Partner - The Chinese Story, shares how they provide great food at an affordable…
How restaurants are engaging with customers today?
Also, restaurateurs thinking on an app, if someone 'like'the restaurant or tag it on Facebook, will help in grow the restaurant business.
Building a lasting impression on customers
And with revolutionary impact of smartphones and its applications, the technology has given yet another way to stay connected with customers.
Food Porn: How it has become free advertisement for restaurants?
The online visual content is high in demand as it has enticing photos on website across various social media platforms and it has become an essential…
Entrepreneurs & Educated Consumers will Disrupt the Future of Eating out
People today view eating out as a 'food affaire'. To them, it is not only about getting the right menu to suit their palate, but also about…
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Social media, new marketing strategy for fast food chains
Social media, in recent times, has emerged as an effective marketing tool, but a disguised one for food brands. Online social media is a platform,…
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How brands are promoting themselves this festive season?
Budget for the seasonal deals differ from the regular budgets that restaurants keep for their promotional activities. At the same time, restaurants…
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Junk food brands using Facebook to target young people
The study used a sample of top-ranked Facebook pages of food manufacturers, food brands, retailers and restaurants.
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Managing Consumer Feedback on Social Media
When you share a post and a photograph on Friday, 60 per cent chance is that you will get more likes than on a weekday like Monday.
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10 Tips to Avoid Social Media Disasters
If done right, social media can help restaurant grow; if done wrong, it can damage restaurant's image. How can one divert a disaster then?
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