How India is Drinking Tea: 5 Key Trends to Follow
In the midst of this flavor renaissance, one thing remains constant – the insatiable curiosity of the Indian consumer. With a desire to explore new…
4 Trends to Follow if you are Running a Tea/Coffee Biz
Increasingly, consumers are gravitating towards specialty and premium coffee offerings, driven by a desire for unique flavors, higher quality, and…
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This Startup Beverages Brand is Top Favourite Among Millenials
Talking to Restaurant India, Rajshree Maheshwari, Founder, Matcha Culture talks about healthy beverages.
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  • / 5 MIN READ
What's Your Favourite Cup of Tea
For ages India is known as a tea drinking nation where tea is not an obsession rather people love their favourite cup of tea at any time of the day.
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"We are planning to Open 200 outlets by 2020", says Robin Jha
In conversation with Restaurant India at TIE Food Summit 2018, Robin Jha, Founder & CEO, Tpot Cafe shares his success story.
How Bubble Tea Market in India is Likely to Become Bigger
Bubble tea is projected to reach $3,214 million by 2023, and is growing at a CAGR of 7.40% from 2017 to 2023.
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This 102 years Old company is Contributing towards a Healthy Future
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Surendra Lohia, Director, Chamong talks about his brand journey which is serving the country since…
Serving Teas & Beverages of Many Regions At Their Venue
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Jiten Sucheda, Owner, Jugmug Thela expresses his love and passion for tea and coffee.
How these players are creating a trend of 'Chai Naashta'
From winning the hearts of millions of tea connoisseurs to creating an employment opportunity, these players have created a revolution in the start-…
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How this startup is cashing on serving 'chai Naashta'
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Robin Jha, Co-Founder, Tpot Cafe talks about the growing trend of tea cafes in India.
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"Personalisation and warmth in our service is what makes us different"
In a telephonic conversation with Restaurant India, Ankit Gupta, Owner, Burma Burma talks about driving the restaurant to NCR market.
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This Speciality Tea Business Has an Ambitious Growth Plan
In an interview with Restaurant India, Managing Director of Teamonk Global, Ashok Mittal says the company aims to reach over 150-crore gross revenue…