Four Types of Wine Drinkers in India
The Indians who consume wine is a 'phenomena' that's been growing for some time now.
People Choose Home over Restaurants to Drink Scotch. Know Why?
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, ISWAI Executive Chairman Amrit Kiran Singh speaks about wine trends in India and his contribution in…
How Diana Chan is playing with Flavours for first-ever wine-on-tap restaurant in India
In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Diana Chan talks about her first India debut and designing menu for the Mumbai restaurant.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 7 MIN READ
India's first ever Meadery is Swaying Away the Beverage Industry
"Millennials are experimenting more with their alcohol and this has resulted in innovative alcoholic beverages", said Rohan Rehani, Founder…
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This Supplier is Selling 7 MN Glassware Every Year
In an email interaction with Restaurant India, Veeranuch Trangtrakul, Marketing Manager of Ocean Glass and Lucaris talks about their glassware brand.
How Booze Can Oscillate Your Mood Swing
According to a new global survey, booze can eventually steer the mood and emotions in negative as well as positive ways.
How Wines Are Becoming A Style Statement Product In India
Who doesn't want to wind up things after a long day with a glass of wine?
Winemaker Rupali Bhatnagar Says Yeast Contributes To The Flavour Profile of Wine
Rupali Bhatnagar, General Manager and Senior Winemaker, Sparkling Wines at Sula Vineyards, talks about her approach towards winemaking.