"Taste is Foremost in F&B"

Chef Abhishek Basu is a trendsetter who constantly works upon the strategies to come up with scrumptious food recipes and surprise palates in an enticing way every time. Food started when his mother took him to a market called ‘New Market’ in Kolkata and he chose a cooking set over other toys there. That was the day when his mother realised that he has something to do with food and the journey in food service sector started. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What made you choose hospitality?

Food is my passion since forever and it’s been 16 years with hospitality industry. I have started my education in this industry with Army College of Hotel Management, Bengaluru and thereafter chosen by The Park Hotels as a Management Trainee. I have been with The Park Hotels at various locations including Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai and now back to Delhi.

Which is your favourite ingredient to play with?

I generally work with seasonal ingredients and organic food and love to play with basil (Indian tulsi). Organic food is one of the biggest trends now days as people today are unquestionably aware of what they are eating. As they are educated, they know automatically what’s going inside their body. They have switched to healthy food and it is difficult for them as well to go back to the unhygienic food. Also, the health benefits of organic food are huge that they automatically reduce the medical bills.

Do you think new market segments affect food service sector?

Yes definitely it is. Food sector has grown over the period of time and this industry keeps re-inventing itself to challenge its own record. Of course, the ethos of food remains the same but it is more about how one innovates that every day.

Which is the latest trend hitting the market according to you?

Organic eating and seasonal producing are definitely in. Gone is the trend when people used to like something off seasonal. Now they tend to understand that there are certain things which taste the best when seasonal and organic.

What builds a brand in food industry according to you?

Taste is the foremost of any business and then how one position himself in the market. A lot of research should be done on the trend, consumer’s expectations and aspirations, about the industry and much more before jumping into the field. The best thing which has happened over the period of time is now chefs understand customer’s need. They have actually come to the customer’s level to present them their requirements. Customers hate monotony and one should keep changing the menu to keep the business growing.

How do you see the competition between restaurants?

Restaurateurs need to understand that there is no point opening same themed restaurants here and there and try to challenge each other. Instead open different kinds of restaurants to divide competition and grow.

What are the points which should be avoided in this industry?

An improper research could hamper the business. What if there’s no requirement of opening a restaurant at the place where one wants to. It would shut down in a year. A proper home work should be done to understand the need of the hour.

Can we see you opening a restaurant of your own?

Hopefully, yes very soon but as of now I’m very happy growing with The Park Hotels.

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