Technology for your Restaurant
Technology for your Restaurant

Restaurants are now using technology in each and every step of their promotion. Creating a Facebook page, a Twitter page, bringing in the loyalty programs like coupons and email alerts on birthdays and anniversaries, tying up with the online food ordering website are all an efficient manner to create profitability for one’s own restaurant.

Touchscreen food vendors devices: Ice cream digital boxes and Coca-Cola’s Freestyle Soda Fountain Boxes which can produce variations of cool treats or ice creams in seconds or dispense more than 100 distinct beverages from one touch screen device are a new trend in the market. Cafeteria and fast food restaurants like KFC, Mc Donald’s are using it to reduce staffing.

Tablets to place order: The app which was created by a team of restaurateurs turned software makers in Newyork gives the managers a quick check of their restaurants. This flexible iPad app provides real-time views of tables, catalogues the menu by a selected name or ingredients, processes sales and delivery tickets and sends orders to the kitchen. In India, now most of the restaurants are making use of such tablets.

LED Alert Systems: Kitchens often become chaotic and run by people who speak in different languages. In such environment, chefs may forget different time-bound tasks on regular basis. To solve the challenge kitchen can be benefited from the illuminated alerts. For example; the system alerts workers to time-sensitive tasks, like when the pots are washed or when silverware is dry and ready to be used. It can help maintain ambience in high-end eateries.

Virtual Menu: Virtual menus with nutritional information have become an important aspect of a restaurant’s success. Allowing your customers access to each menu item’s calorie count, fat content and ingredients increase the level of trust and transparency between customer and provider. Customers want the things to be in control these days, and feel that they should be shared enough information to make informed meal decision. Through the virtual menus one can easily place order by just touching the touchpad and get his favourite dish placed on the table once he is in the restaurant.

Experts view

Pawan Raj Kumar, Owner-Director, Continental India, says, “I think technology should be included into a kitchen because the world is changing very fast; people want things here at a click of a button and this can only happen if we have new and advanced technology.”

Shahid Nasim, F&B Manager, explains, “Nowadays, all the restaurants offer ‘virtual menu’, an advance tech-menu which is available on the restaurant website and can be viewed on tablets or, palmtops, smart phones. The trend has influenced the restaurant business largely.”

According to Brijesh Rathore, Business Director, Diversey Care, South Asia, “We use Internet based mobile operating platform which is real time software that ensures whenever our people identify a gap between any restaurant operations and service then those are rightly communicated to the concerned people and with a necessary action point so that an immediate action can be taken. We use the technology to plug the gap in real time.”

Sharad Sachdeva, COO, Lite Bite Foods, elaborates, “If you have a right kind of process then the business is bound to expand. We are implementing Airline Control Programme (ACP) in our company to streamline the entire sourcing, selling and indenting.”

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