Technology is the fastest medium to reach out to your potential customer
Technology is the fastest medium to reach out to your potential customer

In an exclusive interview with Franchise India, Mr. Raj talks about his online restaurant business which is focusing on Hyderabadi cuisine.

What was the concept behind opening the online restaurant service?

The concept quite is simple – delivers food to its customers based on the order logged on The customer has to select food and also the restaurant. Seldom do you get all your favourite food at one restaurant. Each restaurant is famous for one of its flagship product but not all. At the customer is the king and can feast food from various restaurants in a single order.

Secondly, Haleem is a dish that exclusively prepared. Most of the non-vegetarians relish haleem. Many restaurants serve haleem but authentic haleem is sold only by few and most of them are in the old city of Hyderabad. When people staying, faraway, especially people working in IT sectors located around 30kms away, drive through this heavy traffic, get no parking space but fare a huge rush at the haleem counter, he turns back sadly killing his desire of eating haleem. To benefit such people delivers Haleem and other delicacies across Hydrabad & Secunderabad. 

How did you get the First restaurant on your website? How difficult was it for to get the restaurant on board?

I detailed this concept to the owner of the restaurant and after some formalities; I got an opportunity to get the first restaurant on my website.

This is a win- win approach, not only does a customer enjoy his favourite food from his favourite restaurants but even the restaurants get an opportunity to serve their customers who are unable to visit their hotel. What were the marketing strategies you had used for popularising your concept?

Pamphlets, interviews, TV scorlls, banners, word-of-mouth as of now are what we are using for marketing our online restaurant

During evenings, I stand in front of Imax theater and distribute pamphlets, wearing a t-shirt and cap with my company’s logo on it.

How many orders do you get on a daily basis? Did you get commission for placing the order?

Numbers of orders are quite few peak is 10 but the number of calls and clicks are many. I get some discount from respective restaurants and there are slabs for delivery charges.

What is the contribution of technology in promoting your restaurant? Are you available on mobile app?

Technology is the fastest medium to reach out to your potential customer. Social websites specially are quite handy, provided one follows the guidelines specified by them.

What type of cuisines do you focus on? Which dishes are mostly ordered by the customer?

Each restaurant is famous for a particular dish. So most of the restaurants listed on my website are famous for one or the other dishes. At present the focus is on Mughlai, Tandoori and the typical Hyderabadi cusine. Biryani, Haleem, Chicken are mostly ordered by our customer.

Please tell something about the challenges you faced?

Marketing is an ocean, how much ever you do is less, you need to reserve good amount of money for marketing.

People order food when they are hungry and the wait time frustrates them. So, I encourage people to book orders in advance so we are ready with their food on time. I added force to my delivery team so that the wait time could be shrunk further

How was the customers’ response? At what time do you get good business in a day?

Customers are really happy.  We normally get good business during lunch and dinner time.

How do you check the quality with each of the vendors you have opened? How do you see that they are really attending to the customers on time?

Over the customer has the privilege to mention at the time they want their food to be delivered and we cater to them at the time specified.

Tell us about your journey?

Just started this journey, too early to tag anything as success or failure.

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