Technology Linking Foodies with Street Food Startups
Technology Linking Foodies with Street Food Startups

Festivals and celebrations are like excuses to savor upon good food, but not everyone can afford restaurant food. Moreover the body cannot intake restaurant food on daily basis. India’s heart lays in street food the spicy, tangy and oily fast food, which comes in cheaper rates.

A report produced by Research and Markets say that Indian fast food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% by 2020 due to changing consumer behavior and demography.

Fast food market in India is expected to be worth US$ 27.57 billion by 2020.

About 10% of the fast food market in India is organized. NOVONOUS estimates that the organized fast food market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27% by 2020.

In the shortcut life, we hardly have time to waste in taking long routes, compromising quality with quantity or inviting free diseases. To avoid all congestions, we choose to stay indoors, away from traffic, unhygienic street food vendors making unhealthy street food.

This is the reason why technology has taken a great part in enhancing India’s street food business, which is helping a lot of street food startups to erect their business model.

Here are some technological advances, which has linked foodies to street food startups:

Food apps:

Smartphone revolution has been proved as a boon for the street food startup companies. The app culture has helped these street food startups in managing the business as well as to keep a track of their progress.

Foodies can order and pay through app, without waiting in long queues and the best part is they can enjoy their favourite street food in the comfort of their home.

Startups can keep a check on their rivals as well as on the rise and fall in number of customers without getting lost in the sea of street food vendors.

Reviews and Stars:

There are options of reviewing the quality and service of the food through app but there are renowned websites and channels, dedicated to review the food. This helps a lot in gaining credibility and attracting some customers or business space in other cities.

Reviews and stars work as instant feedback. One can further work on the wet patches or leave it as it is to spoil the reputation forever.

Most tourists and travelers read the reviews and check stars for the particular street food before hitting the order button. Moreover these options help customer to get connected with the company if they get to make little changes as per their taste. Taste is a thing, which varies from person to person.

Know About Opportunities:

There are various societies or communities dedicated wholly and solely for street food startups, which organize street food festivals in different states and cities.

If you link your startup with them or join in with them, then you too can take the advantage of participating in street food festivals, where in come a huge crowd, investors, popular chefs and channels.

It gives scope for great coverage, attract investors, and keep you ahead in the game and a guarantee of strong fan base.

Linkups and Breakups:

There are many companies, who offer space on their websites or web pages to those who want to get linked with them in more than one ways.

These spaces are available on rent, where the startups can display an advertisement picture or video, to garner the audiences’ attention, especially the news sites or business sites or any site, which is being frequently checked or where the traffic is always high.

For example if a renowned company wants to through a party for its employees or want to gift vouchers or coupons for any festival, then your connection with them will help your business to reach out to many.

Moreover when you get news of any of your rival breaking up their links with any renowned companies, you can push your best leg forward to occupy that space to your benefit.

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