The rise of traditional home cooked meal
The rise of traditional home cooked meal

How the idea was born?

The whole idea behind starting this concept is the craving we’ve seen in people for simple yet tasty meals cooked at home. Thousands of people stay miles away from home for perusing higher education and bright career prospects. We offer that warmth that a restaurant lacks, plus our meals are very reasonably priced.

Our concept started from the people or rather friends’ urge of eating traditional home cooked meal in a very homely environment. We used to cook the similar way as we are doing now and invite friends for meals of their choice without charging anything. But our friends used to keep on telling us to do it on regular basis. And one fine day, our current team (Pritisha, Arshad, Noshin, Sahil and Nasir Yusuf) got together to take up this initiative and did  it professionally.

What is your USP?

Our USP is traditional home cooked meal and the style of cooking passed on to me from my family, grandmother, mother and aunts. To be honest, our prices are very reasonable and the menu exhaustive and I think this also attracts lot of people.

What are the challenges you encountered in operation during initial stages?

The biggest challenge that I faced was getting the ingredients required to cook the very traditional Assamese cuisine, which is not easily available in Delhi. We get all the ingredients from Assam like vegetables or spices.

Who are your target customers?

Our target customers are all the food enthusiasts of Delhi, irrespective of any state or culture they might belong to. We have got tremendous response from a lot of people-north eastern and non-north eastern both.

What is your unique marketing strategy?

We are keeping it simple for now. We have a strong focus on superior quality and home like food. We rely heavily on word of mouth marketing. We mostly have loyal customers and we are not doing any paid marketing. But, yes we do aggressively promote on Facebook. 

What is your target revenue for this fiscal?

We are targeting overall revenue of around 20,00,000 INR in 2016.

What is your expansion plans?

Our next level of plan is to venture into corporate and individual catering within two months.

We have seen that start-ups are the new love of investors these days. What does the scene look like at your end?

As a start-up we are getting great response from the food lovers of Delhi. We are in talks with certain investors for our future plans and hopefully we might very soon be a part of the new start-up funded generation.

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