The Story on How Indians Fell in Love with Asian Cuisine
The Story on How Indians Fell in Love with Asian Cuisine

There’s no denying that we Indians love to eat and experiment with new cuisine and flavours. Over the last few years Asian foods have become a top loved cuisine among the locals by Chinese becoming the top three loved cuisine in India according to a latest report released by UberEats India. Also, it is amazing to know that #Chinese-food orders this year totaled up to be a little more than Beijing’s population, said a Swiggy report. And, to much surprise this is not restricted to Chinese, people are trying foods from Japan, Korea, Thai and other Asian countries.

“It's a great time to be in the F&B industry, people are now more aware because of extensive globalisation and are willing to try new concepts and cuisines. Boundaries between nations are fast vanishing, thus leading to culinary exchanges,” shared Avantika Bahl, Founder and Managing Director, Kampai a Japanese restaurant that has received a great response in the Delhi market and is planning to expand to other Tier 1 cities as well.

Japanese cuisine has been gaining popularity in the past few years, with sushi becoming the trendiest dish! Restaurateurs like Zorawar Kalra, Manu Chandra, Varun Tuli to name a few have introduced wonderful concepts to present Japanese food to the young Indians who are always hungry to try new and innovative food.

The UberEats report also shared that Mumbai, Delhi and Guwahati are the top cities that prefer Japanese food the most in India.

“After Indian food, major demand in Indian is of Asian food. Since mid 90's, Asian food has become one of the favourite alternate cusine for Indians. We just made sure that it was healthy by not using any MSG/Ajino Moto,” commented Riya Shah, Co-Owner, Quick Wok that is serving the people on the go with its smart make your own wok concept.

Also, with more preferring more healthy and nutritious food these kind of concepts are becoming a huge hit among the citizens especially cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad that has got more tech and millennial crowd prefer healthy and fresh ingredients. More and more people in India are taking conscious efforts towards mindful eating. This includes ordering-in planned, healthy and single-serve meals along with embracing eco-friendly packaging options. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai are the top three cities when it comes to ordering the healthiest food online. This is also giving rise to Asian kind of flavours as it is one of the most freshest and healthy food served globally.

"Asian flavours are actually very different and fresh. They give a different dimension to our taste buds. It has more of lemongrass, celery, coconut milk and other ingredients which are rarely used in Indian cuisine. Am sure most people would love them,” added Shah.

Similarly, Thai food was mostly preferred in Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune with Chinese being a favourite cuisine among people of Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Also, there is new emergence of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.

Hence, we can say that with more varieties and serving on the palate we Indians are spoilt for choices. And, this is giving a new dimension to the mushrooming of world cuisines and concepts in India!

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