The World of Packaging in the Digital Era
The World of Packaging in the Digital Era

Packaging is the most important form of branding in today’s world. With great packaging, a product can do wonders in the market. It has influenced the choices of many customers across a range of products. The growth of the packaging industry has given way to the ideologies that better the packaging, better the product or brand.

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Use of Technology

In terms of technology and design, packaging is an all-encompassing industry that utilizes innovative tech-based solutions for protecting or enclosing different products for storage, shipping and sale. Packaging also takes in the product manufacturer’s marketing efforts. For leading manufacturing companies, the way they package their products signifies their brand and its values. Packaging has now become an essential part of the product business model, right next to producing an excellent product, of course.

Digital printing allows packagers far more latitude in personalization customization for short run options than traditional printing processes. In the past few decades, most packaging companies have developed digital capacities. However, such an addition to systems and processes of a production takes time and effort.

This decade witnessed the rise of the packaging industry, driven single handedly by tech for requirement fulfillment across the globe. Also the use of digital presses has grown, while conventional presses have declined!

In 2018, narrow-web digital presses exceeded the standard flexo presses for the first time. This digital printing technology allows all colors to be printed in a single pass, which has fostered a trend of “printing on-demand” in the industry.

Digital printing has further made it extremely convenient to customize packaging and add a personalized touch to the products. This trend has been building for a few years, and has provided a major boost to the industry. Several brands have been exploring the universe of personalized packaging and found a significant return on investing in innovative marketing techniques such as this.

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In the past year, we have fostered a greater need for food safety and secure food packaging. So much so that even packaging material manufacturing companies are going the extra mile to create innovative packaging material that will effectively match the visual appeal criteria as well as meet safety norms. Also, with strict government regulations and more awareness towards environmental hazards of plastic etc, the world is moving towards recyclable, biodegradable substances. Materials like bagasse, bamboo, jute, biodegradable plastic, glass etc. are sure to see increased demand in the coming years. Packaging suppliers will have to ensure affordability and availability while also trying to retain or incorporate other sought after features like leak resistance, customizability, etc.

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