These 4 Food Cultures are Capturing Indian Market
These 4 Food Cultures are Capturing Indian Market

The culture of eating out is growing and so is the consumer’s demand for variety. They’re on the verge of exploring be it cuisine, service and ambience.

Theme is Therapy:  Theme based restaurants is the new fad among customers these days. “Hospitality Industry gives you a wide platform to perform infinite number of arts, it has always been my passion but I wanted to do something fruitful and unique in the industry since forever. As they say, there is a time for everything and then, came my day when I thought of starting the business and getting in to the industry to build a theme based restaurant,” shares Shashank, Co-founder of Mayabazar who has created a theme where customer feels relaxed from the time they  step in. The peaceful ambience in shack works like a therapy where customers enjoy the quality time with loved ones, forgetting all the hustles of a routine life.

Boozing is High: With Urbanisation and western culture taking over, consumers have accepted drinking as a part of their life. Celebration is incomplete without cheering some shots together which inaugurated the pubs and bar culture. They give everything at once be it food, drink or service. “Gurugram as a destination is quite favourite among corporate, youngsters, family and youth, and when there appears a place which has something to offer to all – it is called Molecule.  We are particularly known for our excellence in the service and culinary skills, topped off with the masterfully brewed beers and an extensive selection of spirits,” avers Manish Sharma, Founder of Molecule Air Bar.

Delivery: Delivering food at the doorstep has filled the void in this industry. Consumers lead a busy lifestyle nowadays which makes eating out difficult and then they prefer the food to reach them instead of reaching to the food. “Earlier, going out was an occasion in itself. Today, the everyday requirement of eating and surviving are met with online ordering,” says Rahul Gupta, Founder of The Empress as there  are endless options, people are ordering all three meals of the day and late night cravings too is met.

Bakery Boom: Indians always had a sweet tooth, and bakery holds special heart in India since forever but bakery needed a boost. It was essential to appreciate the bakery in India as it is appreciated in Europe. “One common trend that I have noticed in the Patisserie business is the maintenance of high quality standards. In contrast, the bakeries in India have regularly used pre-mixes and other substitutes to reduce cost which may give a satisfactory taste to the product but at the same time have low quality standards and contain high amount of preservatives,” says Nakul Vohra, Founder of Maria Cookbook.

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