This Award Winning Chef Believes in Putting Lots of Colour in Plate
This Award Winning Chef Believes in Putting Lots of Colour in Plate

Chef AnurudhKhanna brings a creative flair for food presentation, strong sense of business with a proven track record of streamlining operations with engaging interpersonal skills. He is a striving team player and believes in the success of his team. An award-winning chef, he heads the kitchen team and oversees all of Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru’s culinary operations. An excerpt from the interview:

Lost Recipes are Coming Back!

There are lots of trends that are becoming a fad and some are actually the trend. There are few trends that I can foresee is the back to basic which is a sure shot thing to come back. Clean eating and green eating is one trend which lots of people are focusing on. Lots of people are going away from meat. Some people are going away because of sustainability and some because of self realization. And, that’s one trend which is going to be holding good. Also, a lot of forbidden and lost ingredients and recipes are going to come back to the menu.

It’s All about Presentation

There are lots of things attached to the presentation on what you do. I think the first thing is to get the food right. When you get the recipe and the taste right then comes the plating and the presentation of the food. I personally believe that when a food comes to the guest he should feel from the complete senses. It should look good, smell good, tastes good. I bring lots of colours on my plate and also play with lots of texture on the plate. Something which is smooth, have a little crust to it. All the balanced texture I put in plate so that every sense works together to enjoy the food.

Breaking the Myth

Clean food, vegetarian food and just eating with vegetables is not good is just a myth. Taste is very subjective for anybody. For me taste is something different and for you it is different. Play with good quality ingredients, vegetables, makes your recipes interesting. I just tried making carrot in orange juice; it had a lot of tanginess, sweetness, saltiness and it’s not about tasty at all, it is tasty, refreshing and at the same time it is lite on your stomach as well.

Rules he Follow

I have given all the chefs the liberty to try, innovate with their wishes with the statement that yes we will give clean food you play with lots of vegetables, flowers, leaves, fruits and mix them and see what kind of flavours work together. We make all kind of interesting activities to make the creative brain going. I always believe in sticking to recipes as it makes you quite bounded. Think out of the box, new flavours.

Tips to Young Chefs

Don’t try to innovate at the first go. Get your education for the culinary right, feel the world, taste a lot of food, cook a lot of food but do whatever is authentic as much as possible. Never give up, there is some way of getting the dish right.

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