This Brand is The First To Grow Microgreens With Insulation Technology in Mumbai
This Brand is The First To Grow Microgreens With Insulation Technology in Mumbai

It is often seen when life gets busy, fitness always seems to be the first item dropped from the to-do list. Farm2Fam promises to be a quick fix for your daily intake of nutrition. Their micro greens produce is an exceptional amalgamation of traditional Indian agriculture method and the latest technology of insulation and automation.

Insulation Technology

For insulation technology, we control the temperature and the humidity of the environment that they are grown in. It gives them the ideal temperature for growth. Benefits of using insulation technology to grow microgreens - Better yield, Lesser water, more nutritious and tastier micros.

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Loaded with nutrition and having up to 40 times more nutrition than the fully grown veggies, Farm2Fam offers 40 exotic flavours which include - Swiss chard, Alfalfa, Nasturtium, Purple Kohlrabi, Sango Radish, Sunflower to name a few. Their spicy flavoured Pink Radish and mildly sweet Kale Micros are a great source of antioxidants that will detoxify and help reducing body fat. The combination of insulated environment, non-GMO seeds and farm practices enable them to grow strong, healthy and flavourful live micro-greens round the year which are delivered right at your doorstep.

Why Farm2Fam is unique?

Keya Salot, Founder of Farm2Fam, says, “Over time, I realized that there is much on-going climatic deterioration and never changing human habits pop up. With the changing environment, micro-greens are the best substitute for healthy food because it’s a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. I started working on sustainable urban agriculture with several industry experts to propagate and set up a system for nurturing healthy living. It is my endeavour to make these micro-greens in every household through Farm2Fam so that people do not suffer from lack of micro-nutrients.”

“None of the industry players grows microgreens in insulation in Mumbai,” says Keya Salot. “We grow around 40 flavours. Since we use the insulation technology in growing the micro greens, there is practically no competition,” she adds.

Why Restaurants Should Use Microgreens

Microgreens can be used in the kitchen as for display and can be used as well for table tops; help in decor!

It’s rich in flavour - peppery, spicy or even sweet taste. It depends on what micro green the chefs are using. The micro greens enable the chefs to add visual appeal as well as taste to the cuisines they serve.

Today it’s not only Indian mothers who are making microgreens a part of their kitchen. There has been a growing demand for these shoots and tendrils from several fine-dining establishments. Catering to this demand, Farm2Fam has collaborated with Four Seasons, ITC, Illuminati, Taj Lands’ End, celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, health coach Luke Coutinho, nutritionist Pooja Makhija and many more.

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Expansion Plans

In the coming years, Farm2Fam targets to acquire more than 300 customers every month and be aligned with more than 100 restaurants in Mumbai. They intend to bring forth more exciting flavours such as blueberries, raspberries, wheatgrass and barley grass respectively.

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