This Cafe Is Serving 50-60 Various Kinds Of Desserts To Its Customers
This Cafe Is Serving 50-60 Various Kinds Of Desserts To Its Customers

When did you realize that there is something for you in food industry?

I always had that creative instinct where I was sure about how to target the millennials. I did a lot of research and surveys just to understand how their mentality works and what they expect from the brands currently present in the market. Belonging to the same age, I kind of understood what their expectations were and that’s how I realized that this industry had something for me. I had already designed a couple of cafes previously. Showcasing my interior designing talent was one of the motives which later became more than a full time job.

How did the idea of starting your own venture came?

I already had couple of more ventures in my kitty. From there the idea to start something of my own struck me. There was a need for a good bakery in the market at the time I was planning to establish a venture of my own. I knew that Delhi’s potential is good for such a venture which motivated me to walk on this path. The entire idea was to offer people with a variety of desserts.

Why the name For God’s Cake?

I initially had a lot of options in hand out of which I shortlisted around 25-30 names. I thought of taking the full use of our previous establishments in order to get a perfect name for my soon to open venture. I did a survey in Wood Box Café followed by a random survey in universities area. The fine motive was to communicate the essence of this particular outlet within a name. People should be aware after hearing the name that it is a bakery. That is how I came up with this name.

How do you see the dessert trends changing currently?

It is changing rapidly. It’s a segment which is ever evolving. People are now looking forward especially the teenagers. They are pretty much crazy for the varieties of desserts which can be offered to them. Secondly, I think that the creative aspect is also invading into this particular segment. People are looking out for various options which they can showcase on various social platforms. The newly introduced concept customization is now changing the entire way of catering to customers.

What is the uniqueness of For God’s Cake?

We are offering various kinds of desserts at our venture. We are always coming up with new innovative ideas in terms of our menu so that we can always offer something new and different to our customers. We currently have approximately 50-60 various kinds of desserts in our outlet and will only be increasing in numbers. And the best part is that all our products come at a very nominal price!

What are your expansion plans?

We are on the verge of expansion. We are in talks with many people and are expecting to come up with a new outlet in the next three months. We aspire to open up 5-6 outlets within the next one year.

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