This Catering Player is Focusing on Freshness, Authenticity of Taste
This Catering Player is Focusing on Freshness, Authenticity of Taste

“Food happened to me because of my mom,” shared chef Karann Talwar, Managing Director and the Gastronome Chef at Kitchen Kraft Luxury catering whose mother was a great cook and she was the only inspiration for him in becoming what he is today. “The thing about her which I liked the most is the use of raw Spices ingredients like Cinnamon, Cardamon, bay leaves, etc which makes the dish more aromatic and gives a distinct flavor of every individual ingredient,” added Talwar who is still not able to fully replicate that same taste as of his mother. Excerpts from the interview:

You have worked across globe presenting Indian cuisine. How have you seen Indian food grow?

Indian food has been deeply penetrated across the world. This has been possible because Indian recipes can be cooked without losing the nutritional value of the ingredients while enhancing the taste aided by the use of spices and masalas. Pickles and salads from India stimulates taste buds when served with a main dish as an appetizer. Also, Indian expats have played a big role in popularizing Indian cuisine abroad. Indians settled overseas made Indian food famous in North America and the rest of the world. It is no wonder that countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia have restaurants and hotels serving purely Indian food. Plus, the growth of cable television in the last few decades with enhanced coverage of food and recipes on various TV channels made a positive impact. Cable television played an important role in increasing the popularity of Indian cuisine. People enjoy dining at restaurants as they can experiment new tastes, new dishes and exotic flavors while enjoying their meal. Only in an authentic Indian restaurant will you enjoy delicious Indian cuisine. These days we are spoilt with many different choices of where and what to eat.   



What according to you will be the hot Food Trends in 2020?

I believe that the Increase in food halls is one of the prime trends as it increases huge spaces flanked by multiple street-food kitchens. Second, the unstoppable rise of plant food, peole, at both a micro and macro level is switching towards meat-free eating which is in trend. Lastly, intermittent fasting, which is not exactly new, but it's here to stay. Also, I think bringing back the old methods of cooking and using brass and copper as the utensils of cooking and less of aluminium is in trend.

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Tell us something about Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering. How has the catering business changed in last one decade?

With fabulous appraisals and formidable commitment, Kitchen Kraft Catering Company stands in confidence as one of the top catering companies across the country and abroad. Providing scrupulous and undivided attention to detail, freshness, authenticity, taste and an extremely conscientious customer service has always been our utmost priority. We are sending a culinary algorithm called the Pre-Plated Food Experience through the veins of the industry. Taking leverage of my expertise in the culinary arts, we have built a business that works with the people and caters to their exact needs.



What is your favourite food to cook? Any food ingredient that you always love to keep beside while cooking?

I have my inclination towards Comfort food as it provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its simple preparation. I like to mix Italian and Indian cuisine a lot and dwell a fusion with them. Tomato and garlic are my favorite ingredients. There is hardly any recipe which I skip to cook without these ingredients. Infact, in some of the mughlai dishes, I tend to add the whole bulb of garlic as it absorbs all the flavors of the spices added in the gravy.

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Tell us about your expansion plan.

As far as the expansion is concerned, we have our focus towards extending ourselves to International Weddings. As we have already developed a strong foundation of Kitchen Kraft in India, now we are aiming to grow in other parts of the Globe where Indian Destination Weddings are taking place like – Italy, Dubai, Istanbul, Emirates, etc. Also, we are looking ahead to collaborate more with the Corporate Clients. We already have DLF, DHFL, Honda, HDFC, Maruti Suzuki, etc on board with us.

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