This eco-conscious McDonald's in Philippines has a bike & dine in area for cyclists
This eco-conscious McDonald's in Philippines has a bike & dine in area for cyclists

Close your eyes and try to envision what restaurants will look like in the future. You might picture a dining room that’s filled with high-tech touches or a scene pulled straight from The Jetsons. Or it could look like your neighborhood McDonald’s.

Don’t believe us? Check out the newest Green & Good store in the Philippines, the second of its kind to open in the Southeast Asian country since 2020. The local initiative is aimed at finding sustainable, alternative business solutions that could help preserve the planet.

“We are committed to provide a better and more environmentally sustainable McDonald’s for our customers and the communities we are a part of,” Kenneth says. “We recognize that there is a lot more to be done, but through our Green & Good platform, we are a step closer towards finding innovative ways to keep waste out of nature and drive climate action.”

Situated in Mandaluyong City, parts of the restaurant were built with repurposed and recycled materials, including reclaimed wood, eco-pavers and eco-bricks. In fact, the structure of the entire store was built using a modular system, meaning that pieces of the building were produced off-site and then assembled on-site, which can help reduce waste and speed up construction.

There’s more to appreciate beyond those four walls, too. This McDonald’s is equipped with solar lampposts, eco-friendly air conditioning units and harvesting tanks that collect rainwater that’s used to wash the building’s exterior.

Dine-in customers can experience the finer details for themselves with the store’s reusable packaging, which includes rice bowls, utensils, cups and wooden stirrers. It’s part of McDonald’s Philippines’ aim to reduce landfill waste by converting paper waste to fuel, food waste to fertilizers and plastic waste to repurposed goods.

But perhaps coolest of all, the store is a haven for the city’s flourishing community of cyclists. The restaurant’s Bike & Dine area allows cyclists to pull up and enjoy their favorite menu items without worrying about their bikes. Need to reattach a slipped chain before getting back on the road? Grab a tool from the Bike Repair Station for a speedy  tune-up. And if you’re zipping around on an e-bike or an e-scooter, you can plug into a charging station while you finish off your fries.

McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang explains that this restaurant – and all of its incredible features – are just one step in the journey toward a more sustainable future.

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