This Food Player Provides Health Experience to Guest
This Food Player Provides Health Experience to Guest

Aditya joined Bagrry's in 2011 as a Manager-Brand & Communications and gradually rose to the position of VP - Marketing wherein he has been responsible for Marketing & Strategy functions within the organization. Additionally, he was actively involved in Corporate & Finance departments and played a significant role in developing new business for the Bagrry's Group. He has been driving the family run business to new heights with his exceptional skills in Business Development, Strategic Planning and Marketing Management. Aditya has been instrumental in launching new product introductions, expanding and consolidation of the supply chain and brand building. He is also an active part of the CII National Committee for Food Processing and represents Bagrry's at various Industry forums.

Experience stand on pillars

Experience is all about understanding customer’s needs. Customer today is unquestionably smart driven by disposable income and exposure to the world. Restaurants and food service sector is moving towards defining experience rather than selling service. In our case, we are in the business of providing health experience and focuses around nutrition. So, when a customer walks in to a health café, the idea is to give customer an honest health experience combining around another experience which is convenience. Having healthy plus convenient food on the go is also becoming popular globally. Therefore, entire health café experience stand on the pillars of health, nutrition, honesty and convenience and something which is innovative every day.

Creating Experience at Bagrry’s

We at Bagrry’s always call it a brand experience and try to bring it out of a small space because at the end only experience matters. According to us, brand is something beyond the label; it’s about experiencing it in terms of palate, interaction with the brand representative and everything related to that particular brand. We develop the experience concept first. The idea basically is to make customer feel good; be it breakfast cereals or other health products. And when it comes to health, first of all we have to find solutions for healthy lifestyle i.e., convenient breakfast, mid- day snacking and functional requirements of losing weight. The experience part comes in the role when we have to actually explain everything to the customer. For example, we do contests and shows where we share recipes about how this product should be consumed and other information related to the product.

Customer is the King

This is the foremost part of any business because customer is the priority. We get feedback from the customers about the product and do a lot of work in understanding their requirements. We always make sure to give them the best solution possible and want them to feel happy associating with our brand. They should feel that they are eating something which tastes great and most importantly benefitting their body.

Introducing creativity in food

Creativity is vital for food and beverages sector. It’s getting much important now because customers are also looking for something new and exciting. Gone are the days when customers were not expecting high but now they look for more fusion and innovation with food. Basically, they want to be delighted. We marry our expertise on health angle with creativity to build that empiricism. 

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