This Indian-Origin in Singapore is Addressing Food Allergies by Serving Gluten-free Products
This Indian-Origin in Singapore is Addressing Food Allergies by Serving Gluten-free Products

Ramya Ragupathi had acute rhinitis, acute sinusitis while eating out and she was a regular intolerant to certain food ingredients and food products. It was in 2013 that she went to see a doctor after continuous dehydration and stress that led to hair fall. The doctor advised Ramya to leave wheat and dairy consumption and that’s how she noticed the change in her life. Excerpts from the interview:

How it all Began?

When I came back from UK, there weren’t much options in Singapore. I was baking since 15 years and that’s how I started working on wheat free, dairy free chocolate balls and baked a cake for a party and people were like it’s amazing and we have to sell it here. I never in my life imagined that I would be an entrepreneur.

How have you seen the growth?

In last three years we have become a food company to a food manufacturing company. I am enjoying it, learning a lot from it.

Tell us something about Oh! My Goodness.

Oh my Goodness is about serving people gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free products. We use real food and products and we do not use any lab made ingredients.

Who is your target customer?

Demand is coming from people like me who have food allergies and are intolerants to certain ingredients. People have included this in their breakfast, lunch etc. We just don’t sell, we make people aware about food allergies and make them understand about what their body is talking and they need to understand this otherwise we will have entire generation suffering from food allergies.

What trend do you see capturing the world?

People are investing more on their health now. Earlier, they used to invest in white sugar but now they are putting in more money on brown sugars and refined sugar free products. I want to make affordable product that people should enjoy and not invest in low quality products and ingredients.

Tell us about your market presence.

In Singapore, we are on Ecommerce platforms, supermarkets, Grocers and also we have our own website wherein we are selling our products. We have pizza bases, cakes, cookies, breads and people can just enjoy food. So, whatever you eat, you should enjoy is our motto.

Tell us about your expansion plan to India and other countries.

I am looking at Indian market as the market has shifted a lot in the last two years. There is incredible demand for wheat, dairy free products. We are looking at India to sell our packet version partnering with supermarkets like Nature’s basket and the likes as setting up a kitchen at this point in time is little difficult for us.

We are also planning Dubai, Malaysia as we are also Halal certified. The conversation for Malaysia has already begun and we should be there soon. I am also planning open a new plant wherein we can manufacture these products in Singapore.


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