This innovative chef is taking Indian comfort food to the next level
This innovative chef is taking Indian comfort food to the next level

Chef Harangad Singh is one of those chefs who made Indian cuisine popular globally. From his stint at Taj, to making us proud at modern Indian restaurant Tresind- Dubai, he has played so well with food at Pra Pra Prank and Prankster.  A player and an innovator in himself, his sambar cappuccino and dosa crisp is a world fame. Taking a step ahead he is opening doors to revolutionary Indian food, Parat on 22nd September. “The meaning of PARAT is Layer. I believe food is prepared layer by layer. Parat is your ticket to a revolutionary Indian food experience without boundaries,” shared Singh who has introduced elegance to the food. Excerpts from the interview:


Serving the best on plate


Parat opens its doors to Royal and street food– set to bring India to your palate   literally. The food at Parat is presented with simple elegance. However, the depth that is soon experienced on the palate is an outcome of exploring the roots of these dishes, and their voyage through time and geographies. Diners who enjoy the shades of regional cuisine will enjoy the fresh approach to Parat’s menu: it is Indian without being clichéd and rich without being heavy.

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Parat’s Bhopali Murg Rizala; and the Mutton Filfora for example will recall the most special curries from Royal kitchens. Rediscover Indian street food culture with the likes of rich, fragrant Pota Kaleji and then with taksaali Machi all of which share space with heart-warming old favourites, including Lucknowi Anda Curry, The kebab sections offers specialties without just the typical giloutis and seekhs that one would associate with the cuisine. The Kalmi Kebab is a speciality as is the peanut butter chicken seekh kebab. Sharing meals is an honoured tradition in the Indian world and a great way to do is by ordering the very special Sikaandri Raan and much.


We have seen that Covid-19 Pandemic has given birth to many new ventures... And also closure of many. Why?

Covid was a sudden thing for industry when the industry was at its peak. It has shaken the industry badly as the industry was shut down for almost 5 months. Nobody has answer to a question that ‘how to recover from it and what will be the future?.  One of the major reasons for the closure is also lack of support from landlords who are addicted to higher rentals. Also it is visible that people who govern this country doesn’t even bother about our industry. We are on our own.The Covid has yes given birth to new ventures as it is better to try rather than sitting at home. Also, the new ventures are created nowadays in which we are going deep and trying to create a practical sustainable model.

Pleasing the five senses 

At PARAT we have worked on visual as we have gone deep in detailing and designing the bio degradable packaging. Also, we have done lots of detailing on the intensity of  the visual of a dish alongside when you open the packing box , how will the dish tempt you with its fragrance, blow your mind with the flavours the food is packed with.

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A fresh breeze of Indian flavour

Parat is a fresh breeze of Indian flavours. We at Parat have digged back into the history of Indian flavours and also researched a lot on lost recipes of India and now we are recreating an ‘EVOLVED INDIAN CUISINE ‘ of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT.




We have seen that the Pandemic has made most restaurant kitchen, a delivery kitchen. What has given rise to delivery only model?

Taking care of safety measures  of your own and family has given rise to delivery  models. As WHO stated that Covid doesn’t spread through food, it is better to stay at home and enjoy deliveries. First the foremost thing is that I am not a restaurateur, I am a cook. It’s better to be in my domain where I am powerful enough to create my best for you. Parat will be operational by 22nd September.

Who are you targeting as customer?

Everyone who wants to enjoy the next level of Indian flavours at home safely is my customer.

What's your expansion plan?

I am just taking baby steps as I believe in the teachings of elders stating that slow and steady wins the race.

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