This is how you can remain at the forefront in food biz
This is how you can remain at the forefront in food biz

You must be a regular visitor to a particular restaurant but, there must be certain binding factors that is attracting you to that restaurant. “It’s the menu which rules the business of food. We have a standard menu plus we keep on bringing and innovating something new to keep pace with the customers’ demand,” shared a spokesperson from Burger King which is known for their magical whoppers globally.

“It is all to make customers’ excited about your brand, added the spokesperson who tweaks menu every three to four months.

The growing demand of uniqueness and the choice of options becoming more varied people today are looking for an option rather than for a choice. And, who suffices their criteria is ruling the big foodie race.

Lub Lub Lebanese a November opened restaurants in Gurgaon which is focusing only on Lebanese cuisine is coming up with another menu to carry on with the excitement.

“We will add some new products in our menu this June since it’s been six months since we launched our outlet. I am planning to come up with something from Soya. Also, I am planning to come up with healthy breads. I am trying to cater to people who are wheat allergic,” added, Ashish Singh, Owner, Lub Lub Lebanese who was among top four finalists at Masterchef India.

It’s the fact that a menu needs to be trendy, up to date, keeping a pace with the market demand and of course presentable so that the love for it never dies. From designing a menu to planning it and then making it look good to customers’ is very important for a restaurant owner and food business operator. And, this doesn’t apply to restaurants only, even the food-tech start-ups are continuously upgrading themselves and bringing new menus and items extending their offerings.

“One thing that people want to look for is variety these days, even at home we look for variety every day. So, we keep changing our menu every 4th week,” said, Jayas Damodaran Co-Founder MD Jiyo Natural Pvt Ltd a Bengaluru based health food start-up.

Also, stick to the fact that bigger is not better. You have varied menu, you are catering to more than 500 people and you’re ruling the business of food is not the truth. Today, restaurants which has a well planned and lean menu is topping the chart. 

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