This Restaurant Group is Promoting Modern Indian Food at Global Platform
This Restaurant Group is Promoting Modern Indian Food at Global Platform

Food was always a love for Dildeep Kalra but venturing into the business happened after getting married to Zorawar Kalra who has become one of the top names in the restaurant business these days. Today, Dildeep handle and manage brands under Massive & StyleHorn, which is her own entrepreneurial venture.

Massive Restaurants recenetly raised approximately Rs 160 crore expanding to 14 countries. What is your view on this?

Yes, it is true that we raised a funding of 160 crores to exhilarate our expansion plan. It feels great and we will be able to successfully launch our brand outlets at well-researched international market.

How are you planning to fuel international expansions?

We have strictly aligned ourselves to it, starting from exhaustive research and experimentation to the execution. The launch is scheduled to happen mid this year. It is fueled by some of the most interesting culinary concepts basis innovation and current food trends of the location.

Your brand is currently working on two different concepts- seafood and traditional Indian sweets. How are you planning to innovatively redefine the cuisines?

Innovation is of utmost importance at Massive. All our menus are curated post a lot of experimentation with different ingredients to come up with the most unique and innovative dish, be it an Indian sweet or Seafood.

How do you see your brand today after 6 years of its establishment?

We started small by working like a family with creativity and innovation as base; we still continue doing it that ways. The only difference is that we have scaled massively. Six years from now I envision Massive Restaurants to have touched all the key locations in India and most of the well-researched locations internationally that are suitable for our brands, mapping our modern Indian cuisine.

What has been your biggest challenge while achieving the success you have today?

Our processes are well structured and we take each step after a thoughtful decision that includes all aspects of consideration. Hence, we leave no room for challenges internally yet definitely the sudden change of GST was a bit of a beating but it all went smoothly with best execution.

What do you have to say about the learning and experiences you got from ‘the Prince of Indian cuisine’, Zorawar Kalra and Jiggs Kalra?

I had a phenomenal learning experience from both. Our mentor and the Czar of Indian cuisine is a walking-talking food encyclopedia. The entire Massive team including me has learnt a lot about food and cuisine. Zorawar being the Man with a Vision on a Mission’, I take away learning zero procrastination from him. He has sheer passion for food and truly believes in what he believes, so conviction is another key thing that I learnt from him.

What has been your biggest achievement till date?

It’s yet to come. However, the success of all the existing brands is an achievement for me and the entire team of Massive & StyleHorn.

Massive Restaurants was ideally established to help in the evolution of Indian cuisine and putting Indian food on the global palate permanently. How do you see the impact your brand has created till now in achieving this goal?

It is the way diners see Indian cuisine now: The global outreach and wider acceptance for Indian food by the millennials and young generation.

What are your expansion plans?

The future expansion plans are very aggressive as we intent to be a major global food & beverages company in hospitality industry in next 5 financial years. We plan to launch our brands at almost all the key locations in India covering the length and breadth of the country as a lot of our formats are suitable for the locations. We are also geared up to launch one of our critically acclaimed brand, Farzi Café in some of the key locations abroad.

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