This restaurant is all about natural and sattvic food
This restaurant is all about natural and sattvic food

Food in India has changed a lot in last 2-3 years, from people looking at global brands as an inspiration, to more and more people adopting natural eating and Sattvic vegetarian food. Annakoot is an initiative to encourage people to consume pure and natural ingredients in their daily diet. Sattvic vegetarian food has proven its effects on the health of the human body for many years. “We, along with ISKCON Bangalore began this journey of offering pure healthy food to devotees and people. Our offerings are also ideal to be offered as prasadam,” said Amit Juneja of Annakoot that has grown to three outlets in just one year. Excerpts from the interview:

Raj Kachori

How the food at Annakoot is different from other restaurants. How much time did you spend doing research on the food etc?

The food at Annakoot is prepared with care. We do not use Garlic, Onion and Mushrooms in our food. We have worked closely with the chefs at ISKCON Bangalore to make food tasty in a sattvic way. Our chefs are formerly trained and also follow the sattvic way of life.

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How is the response so far?

We have received an encouraging response. Our patrons have been very happy and return on the regular to enjoy our food as well as purchase our FMCG products to gift or take home to continue their sattvic journey.

Amit Juneja

Realizing the goodness in Sattvic

The pandemic has made people realise the goodness in a sattvic and healthy diet. Consumers are adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing pure and natural ingredients. This change in behaviour is welcome because sattvic food helps build immunity and keeps harmful problems at bay. We began providing sattvic food during the first lockdown. We ensure that all our ingredients are pure and natural. We do not use any harmful materials and always serve fresh.

Local is the new buzz

Locally sourced food is always more nutritious to the body. There is an added benefit in seasonal preparations, including fruits and vegetables. Seasonal foods have healthy things that can be of advantage to the body to manage with the different changes in the season. Local and seasonal is the best way for adopting a healthy lifestyle and for strong immunity.

What according to you will be the 5 biggest trends hitting the sector?

One of the biggest trends is natural ingredients. Another will be healthy seasonal food. Pure ingredient and fresh food are also gaining importance in recent times. Many people are also opting to eat at places that care about hygiene and offer wholesome foods such as Annakoot.

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Who are you targeting as your customer at Annakoot?

People who are keen on having a healthy diet and one who believe in the sattvic way of life. A person that is also a devotee at ISKCON.

Pao Bhaji

What’s your expansion plan?

We would like to expand to 108 outlets in the coming years. We were fortunate to have the support of the people and expand to 3-outlets in a short period of time. 108 is a number we aim for as it is the ideal chant count.

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