Gurugram's Only Microbrewery at 32nd Milestone [Must-Visit]
Gurugram's Only Microbrewery at 32nd Milestone [Must-Visit]

The party scene in Delhi-NCR has been damp for a long time now due to safety and irresponsibility issues but it all seems to be coming back now with people becoming more conscious about safe and responsible drinking and driving. Loft by the Clock Tower at 32nd Milestone opened its doors to the public in February, this year. And they did it with a bang! Initially, it seemed like it will be one of those parties where people would just have a drink and leave since the place was jam-packed even before 9 pm, but things warmed up with the live band, Traffic Jam, singing some brilliant heavy metal numbers. The alcohol and snacks started flowing and the music went from strength to strength, proving once again that any party can come alive with great music, good food and alcohol. 

The Décor at Loft 

A noticeable thing is hats as part of the ceiling décor which gives the place a very cool feel. When asked about the concept of hats, the owner Tribhuvan Yadav said, “In all the bygone eras, throwing up the hats in the air is a sign of happiness, celebration, joy and energy. The ceiling has hats which have been flung up in joy and celebration and their energy will remain at Loft to inspire the guests and patrons to keep coming back for more and renew their energy and celebrate another evening with us!”

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Speaking about the Loft’s inspiration, Rohan Kichlu told Restaurant India, “The idea for Loft stemmed from a lot of travelling over the past 8-9 years. The concept is derived from old-fashioned meatpacking and warehousing industries located in New York and Manhattan. At Loft, which is spread over 12,000sq feet and seats around 300 customers, each and every division of the space i.e. The Library Bar, Old Boy’s Corner, The Mad Hatter Dance Floor, The Green Terrace and even he Portico are designed differently to cater to different individuals and moods.

“The decor, theme, setup and design are all conceptualized by the owners and team internally with some support from renowned pub and bar architects to create a unique design and space.”

Customer Experience is Prime

Tribhuvan Yadav and his friend Rohan Kichlu and their childhood pursuit of creating the ideal neighbourhood pubs lead them the second venture into Indian microbrewery world with Loft by the Clock Tower, the first one being The Clock Tower, which is a charming gastropub at Golf Course, Gurugram.

Most restaurants specialize either on food on their drinks but the people behind Loft are clear that they want the best of both. As Tribhuvan continues, “The food we serve is global cuisine with an Indian touch, which has been curated by Chefs Nishant Choubey and Tarun Sibal to bring this to life. The drinks and cocktails have been curated with support from Arijit Bose’s Bar Back Collective and the HT Hospitality team.”

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According to Tarun Sibal, “The food menu at Loft is an amalgamation of native and international flavours. At Loft, we have re-imagined classic dishes and made them our own along with celebrating an array of unusual combinations of flavours, textures and cooking technique.” 

Some of the signature dishes of Loft by The Clock Tower include:

- The Amritsari Baked Bread with PindiChanna Hummus 

- The Chicken Satay with Solapur Sing Dana Chutney 

- Inspired Pathar Kebab with Fermented Chili marinade 

- Triple Cooked Pork 

- Tortilla and edamame chaat

- Seared fish with burnt butter and sun-dried tomatoes 

- Magnum Brownie 

- Coffee and white chocolate Kulfi fudge with ghee Pinni Crumb 

32nd Milestone, An Ideal Place for a Good Time Out

With so many corporates now located in and around the area, Loft by the Clock Tower gives people a place to party after work and relax with good food, drinks and music. A few years ago, the place would have seemed really far, one of the reasons why hotels and joints at this location didn’t do quite well. However, with the NCR expanding in a big way, 32nd Milestone has become a destination again due to great connectivity on the NH 8 and people willing to get into their dancing shoes after a hectic day of work.

Being The Only Microbrewery at 32nd Milestone

Loft by the Clock Tower is the only microbrewery in 32nd Milestone, which has around 30 food establishments, which is one of its USPs. Rohan Kichlu goes on to add, “Our beers are true to style and reflect a very Scottish, Irish, Hungarian and South-West Russia influenced beer portfolio. All the beers brewed at Loft, are also true to style but with a slightly modern twist to it, for example, we brew a classical Belgian wheat beer, which has been infused with rose petals.”

They will have some fabulous live bands like Traffic Jam, to keep the evenings alive in a big way. And the DJs playing at Loft will certainly make the entire setup quite conducive for a fun evening out with friends and family.

The plans for expansions are huge and when asked, Tribhuvan Yadav told Restaurant India, “Yes, we are targeting to open two more 200 cover+ outlets by 2020.”

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