This Restaurant is Using Gothic Charm and Rustic-Feel
This Restaurant is Using Gothic Charm and Rustic-Feel

Imperfecto is a progressive organisation specialising in the development of quality dining and party experiences throughout Delhi NCR in the hospitality business. A brain child of Sharad Madan, Naresh Madan, Suresh Madan and Nuria Rodriguez, was established in 2011 and now operates 9 high-performance restaurants and pubs with exciting projects under development that are coming soon.

Their latest baby Imperfecto Shor Café is tucked away in the swanky Aerocity. India’s first Gothic and barbaric inspired nightclub (Open only on weekends) adjacent to it, showcases an exhaustive list of things to keep you entertained.

The Space

The decor of Imperfecto Shor Café features exposed brick with valiant illustrations and vintage looking furniture. SHOR Cafe has an atmosphere that is difficult to replicate, it leaves you with a feeling as though you have traveled back in time and yet it is modern and quirky.

Nuria Rodriguez Parra, Director Creative, the lady behind designing all Imperfecto’s is not only an “Observer of the everyday” but also a multidisciplinary creator in great architectural and creative influences. This Chic Cafe pairs rustic decor with industrial detailing. The pointed arch, the canvas paintings on all the walls and the handmade lights like ancient castles give the space a distinctive character!

The Cafe is beautifully balanced between Romanesque architecture which was succeeded by Renaissance architecture. The Imperfecto Shor Cafe has been designed with a keen eye and every piece is handmade. One of the interesting touches which Nuria used at Shor Cafe is the Charpoy ceilings and the stunningly rustic chandeliers and wall lamps.  

The Grub

Food at the newly launched Imperfecto Shor Café is pure comfort; walk into the Goth-inspired café where the food is only giving warm hugs and happy smiles. The food menu has been carefully curated by Chef Akanksha Dean, Chef Manager Imperfecto Shor Cafe. The menu travels all through Europe, America, Asian and even India, giving heartfelt comfort food from all over the world.Akanksha Dean believes in fresh produce and has a strong respect for the seasonality and the abundance that Delhi offers. The menu lingers from ‘Martina’s Ensalada’ A refreshing salad with a sonata of mixed fruits, crispy lettuce, freshly plucked cherries, bononcini, pomegranate and a honey mustard dressing to the ‘Chocolate Mudcake Sunday’something you can never go wrong with them, hitting all the right places of pure bliss.

There is a beautiful balance between Romanesque architecture which was succeeded by Renaissance architecture of SHOR Cafe which is a perfect ambiance partner for their style of food. The name of each dish has been inspired by stories of men and women of the Gothic Era. ‘The Abby of Darkness’ suggests the morish spanish black rice with prawns and calamari, ‘King Leopold’s Succession’ the Non-Vegetarian Burger named after the longest reigning Belgian monarch. The Spanish Croquettas served as the ‘The Royal Portal’ for they definitely do take you through the portal of happiness but their shape is inspired by the ‘The Royal Portal’.

The food experience at the Imperfecto Shor Cafe extravagant and choices to spoil you for the best evenings with friends or a 4 am sneak out coffee dates. It is India’s First 24x7 Cafe!

The Magic Potion

The cocktails at Imperfecto Shor are true concoctions, with Imperfecto Shor being Goth-themed the bar chose love, excitement, passion, and imagination to design signature drinks.  The cocktails are inspired by Indian flavours matching the gothic culture; there is the use of paan, earl grey tea, masala tea, kafir lime, all spices, etc to create the unique earthy concoctions. ‘The Exotic Flavour’ is curry leaves being paired with White Rum and on the side, a nibble of Prawns tossed in garlic and curry leaves. And if you’re in the mood for some drama, don’t get fooled by the name ‘Mellow Drama’ because it’s all drama- paired with Tequilla, Grape Fruit and Guava- served with mash potatoes Mexican chili & Mozerella Cheese, The El Mango is the perfect summer drink served with Mango, almond and pistacho ice cream. Each cocktail at the Imperfecto Shor Café is not only complex in its own flavour but they are also paired with a nibble complimenting each other.

Imperfecto Shor has mastered the art of infusing their own spirits giving the cocktails a better balance. The mesmerizing Imperfecto Shor Café has too much to offer but it’s also, those tiny little potent potions which wake up the green fairy for a legendary night at the Imperfecto Shor Café.

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