This Start-up Offers One-hand Honey Sachet
This Start-up Offers One-hand Honey Sachet

Tell us about Ray Honey and what is its uniqueness?

Ray honey is not a commercial honey. It is an organic, raw, unfiltered and wild forest honey. So I don’t need to explain the other terms but when I say it’s not a commercial honey I mean it’s unprocessed, it comes straight from the bee boxes which is not filtered nor processed, its raw honey. Secondly, as I said wild forests so these wild forests have a rich diversity of flora that allows the bees to collect pollens from various types of flowers and use them to make honey. The natural honey produced by this process is far superior and healthier as compared to the honey that is produced in most commercial farms. Another thing which distinguishes Ray honey is that only the best of uncontaminated honeycombs are hand-picked to obtain the honey, without using any unnecessary chemical processes. This also lends Ray honey better quality, compared to other brands of honey in the market.

How are you using Easy Snap technology. What’s its USP?

This is also one of the uniqueness of Ray honey that it is an easy snap technology. This makes the honey available in single sachets which are used with one-hand-sachet-opening technique. This innovative method of packaging honey in slim individual sachets is unmatched by any other brand in the Indian market. All one had to do is bend/fold the sachet in half and squeeze to let the honey out. These sachets are for one time use. Due to their ease of portability and leak-proof designs, these Ray honey sachets are perfect to be carried while travelling so Ray honey is more about convenience.

How is the packaging done?

We’ve a very specialized equipment which we bought from Europe and the entire packing process happens in that. The honey and the packing material goes in the equipment and it does the job.

What was the whole idea behind one-hand sachet?

The whole idea behind one-hand sachet is more of convenience as organic and raw honey is quite expensive and also if there’s a bottle of honey you have to take it in a considerable quantity whereas in the case of Ray honey you don’t have to worry about the quantity as it’s a one hand sachet which makes it convenient and mess free.

What is the price range?

Ray honey will be available in the market soon in two variants- one box of 10 sachets and one box of 30 sachets, which in itself would be a box of three 10-sachets boxes. A Box of 10 sachets- Rs. 150 /- , A Box of 30 sachets- Rs. 430/-

What is the market availability of the product? How about HORECA and retail tie-ups?

Ray honey is available in supermarkets, hypermarkets and online portals such as Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket, etc. We haven’t really got into HORECA right now because we are still developing our institutional team but as soon as we develop our team we will be soon getting into HORECA and we’re already there in retail stores so honey will be launched in the coming week. We’ve started the listing procedures in most of the modern trade retail outlets like Godrej Nature’s Basket, Big Bazaar, etc.

As you mentioned that it is 100% organic honey with no preservatives. From where did you collect the honey?

It is collected from bees that roam free in the tropical jungles that border Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. 

Where do you do the processing of the honey? Do you have a manufacturing plant?

We’ve tie ups with organic farmers who have their bee boxes and  the moment they get enough collection of honey it comes straight to our plant from the forest for the packing because we’re not processing anything. So we can call it as a packaging plant.

Who do you see as the right target for your kind of a product?

Anybody who is health conscious, quality conscious and who prefers convenience.

What trend do you see in 2019 when it comes to healthy and natural eating options?

I think we’re all already adapting to healthy lifestyle because as you know our breads are no more white bread they are either whole wheat or multi –grain and same with the biscuits which are either digestive or multigrain. We all are already changing and people have become more health conscious. We cannot change our lifestyles or society pressures but we can always change our habits by adapting healthy ones.

What’s your expansion plan?

Right now we’re ready with our production and the packaging so the idea is to first place the products in our network of thirteen cities at present which includes Metro tier 1 and tier 2 and then we definitely plan to get into rest of India.

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