This West Delhi Restaurant is doing over 250+ orders daily during the pandemic
This West Delhi Restaurant is doing over 250+ orders daily during the pandemic

It all began in 2009. They say it right humble beginnings often make for interesting stories. That’s what happened with the owners at The Tummy Section. “We are three friends who started this business with big dreams in one hand and a Shawarma (We call it Shawario) in another,” remebered Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder, The Tummy Section. The reason why they call it Shawario is because they have their very own process of prepping the delicacy which makes it completely theirs. It’s like Shawarma met Trio and Shawario was originated.


Now that you are completing 11 years of the business. How have you grown in all these years.


God has been kind on us from the day of our inception. We have seen a lot of ups and down in all these years like opening of new stores and closing of few. But that has taught us a lot of valuable business lessons and all is now coming into action. Before the pandemic we had six sites in total. Four physical stores and two cloud kitchens. It was a big hit for us to close down a few stores and starting again towards goal. Now we have a franchise program in place and are also opening new company operated stores. We have a strong feeling that rest of the 2020 will be the best year for The Tummy Section.


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How many outlets are you running. What is the plan?


Due to pandemic currently only two outlets are operational at the moment. There are two more outlets that is under construction and we are planning to open total 5 outlets by the end of this year.


Covid-19 pandemic has brought lots of changes to the dining biz. How have you adapted to the current change?


Yes, it surely did and we are really happy about the same. It gave us an opportunity to see through a lot of areas of our operations and give it a new face. We have still not started the dine in at our Rajouri outlet. The biggest improvement came as technological advancements we made during this time in all areas across our operations.


How have you seen the delivery picking up during this time?


Intially, during the month of unlock deliveries definitely picked up and keep rising month on month but as the restriction have started to ease down now. The balance has started to take place between deliveries and pick up from our outlets. Dine in business is still suffering but we are hopeful that it will come back in flow post August.


What about opening your restaurants? What changes have you incorporated as per Govt advice?


We have opened two of our outlets but have not started the dining yet keeping the safety measures in mind. We are trying our level best to follow the govt. advice for a safer experience for our staff and our customers. Premises sanitisation, Deep cleaning and temperature check is a norm now and i think we all should learn from the current situation to enhance our safety precautions for the normal times as well. We are taking every challenge as learning.


We see that now people are looking at brands that have more impactful safety and hygiene history. How are you attracting your customers?


This goes without saying! But i think a lot of restaurants have taken this as an opportunity to bounce back better with better standards in place. We are offering new loyalty programs, showcasing our efforts of sanitisation & cleaning of premises via our social media chanels. We are trying our best to convey to our customers that they can trust us and go ahead in enjoying the addictions we offer.

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What is the daily average orders you do, what is the ticket size?


Our daily average is seeing a huge shift from mid July. Orders are picking up and so is ticket size. We are currently catering around 250+ orders on peak days and approx 150 orders on normal days. Average ticket size for an order is around 450 and average ticket size per order for pick up orders is around 275. We can’t thank our customers enough for showing their trust towards the brand.


Going forward, what new we can see happening at The Tummy Section.


This pandemic has taught us a lot about People, Business and processes and we are taking these learning sincerely and are continuously evolving internally in all areas & departments. We have laid down a strong base during this time either its improving our base kitchen operations or handling people or marketing channels or giving an unforgettable exp. to our customers by giving them what they expect out of us. 

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