Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2020
Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2020

A latest report named Godrej Food Trends 2020 was revealed at the 4th Tasting India Symposium event by its author, food writer and trend-spotter, Rushina Munshaw and C.N. Nageshwaran, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communications, Godrej Industries Ltd, in the presence of hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs, farmers, hotel management teachers, journalists and bloggers. Here are the top 10 food trend predictions for 2020

1. Continued commitment to provenance and mindful eating

Powered by the growing demand for sustainable practices, consumers will continue to make active choices that help minimise their carbon footprint by supporting local/artisanal producers and eating seasonally.

2. Deeper exploration of South-East Asian flavours

In 2020, the restaurant industry will offer diners a greater variety of South-East Asian flavours through deeper explorations of the popular cuisines, along with specialist menus from previously unexplored regional and ethnic cuisines from the region.

3. Emergence of the neighbourhood 'foodpreneur'

The growing demand for fresh, hygienic and familiar gharkakhana, combined with the convenience of digital communications and payment platforms, will encourage many more traditional, regional and community cooks to run mini-enterprises from their home kitchens, offering limited daily specials to small communities of their fans.

4. Keeping it real

Fuelled by an ever-growing consumer demand for authenticity, 2020 will see a growth of dining experiences designed around real issues, real people, real ingredients, and real stories.

5. Longing for ghar ka khana

The decline in daily cooking at home, because of changing social dynamics and attitudes towards cooking, will see nostalgic diners ordering food that reminds them of their own ghar ka khana, more often than ever before!

6. No-compromise convenience cooking

A discerning consumer of 2020, experimenting with the latest health fads and lifestyle diets, can look forward to many more options for quickly and conveniently assembling personalised meals at home, with little or no compromises to their choices.

7. Proliferation of desi flavours

As an outcome of the persistent demand for all things indigenous, consumers should expect to see a proliferation of desi flavours in everything from small plates to cocktails and even desserts in 2020.

8. Return to traditional fats

The growing appreciation of the significance of our choice of cooking medium will inspire more consumers in 2020 to go with desi ghee and cold-pressed local seed oils over other options.

9. Rise of the culinary explorer

An evolving sense of social, financial and cultural independence among young people will drive a greater demand for aspirational, novel, and even exotic travel and dining experiences. These experiences will be inspired by exciting new cuisines from within and outside the country.

10. Revival of culinary traditions

Riding the ongoing wave of deeper exploration and discovery of our culinary heritage, food businesses and restaurants will find exciting new ways of packaging traditional food wisdom, knowledge, cookware, cooking techniques and food preparation methods to make it suitable for the demands of the modern dining experience.

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