Top Chefs Suggest Foods to Eat During Covid-19
Top Chefs Suggest Foods to Eat During Covid-19

Eating right has always believed to be a major savior for many diseases and has proved to be a great healer for fighting any immune related activities. Covid-19 or coronavirus presents many uncertainties, and no one can deny to completely eliminating their risk of getting COVID-19. But one thing that can help us boost our immunity and help us fight against it is eating right and healthy.

According to researches, improving nutrition helps support optimal immune function and there are certain food and drinks that can help fight against novel coronavirus.

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“Building immunity with food is very important. Drink warm water with lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon powder,” shares Celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani.

Experts also added that eating green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, red cabbage, kale and not overcook the veggies. 

Also, using of spices like ginger, chilies, onions are also great idea as they boost metabolism. “Eggs , fish, legumes, pulses like rajma, kabuli Channa are excellent. And, also do not forgot to wash your hands very often with warm water and soap which is a must.

Commenting on the same Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, Chef and Owner, Lavaash by Saby says, “I generally take sattu and jaggery in hot water or ragi malt (if you have, very good for protein (gives strength and also very good for your lungs, very relevant for today). I do quick oats for breakfast or just fresh fruits, in the current scenario one can cook the fruits along with oats. All my meals lunch/dinner are one pot meals(I cook everything in a rice cooker, so one it being a coveted pot all nutrition stays maximize, cooks/simmers slowly for a long time, so everything is thoroughly cooked and no chance of any contamination (using a lot of jowar, bajra and other Millets as I can't eat rice every meal and also the ancient grains are very healthy).”

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Thus, we can say that eating healthy and nutritious is need of the hour.

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