Top five food trends of 2014
Top five food trends of 2014

Year 2013 saw a trend where almost every restaurant in the country tried their hands at molecular gastronomy. The research made by the Restaurant India shows that 2014 will see different food trends emerging in the restaurants. Some experts believe that traditional Indian cuisines with a blend of modern techniques will be on demand while others say that the opening of new Japanese restaurants in the city will give a chance to Japanese and Lebanese cuisine. To know the trends in detail, Restaurant India went to the industry experts of the country to list the top five food trends that are going to rule the Indian palate and they are:

Traditional Indian cuisines with modern techniques

Irrespective of the fact that foreign restaurants are foraying into Indian market and readiness of people to try something new have increased, Indian foods are still the hot favourite among food lovers breaking its traditional confines with modern interpretations. Dishes like chicken butter masala and biryani have become a hit among people with tweaking of the traditional ingredients, making it a bit lighter.

Raghav Verma, Director, Chaayos, says, “Experimenting with ingredients, and flavours of regional Indian as opposed to importing western flavours will see us reviving interest in many forgotten and unexplored delicacies from different parts of the country.”

Addressing the same, Vedant Kanoi, Managing Partner, Food Cloud, elaborates, “I think there are lots of changes that are going to happen in India. People will be focusing more on local and sustainable produce.”

Chinese cuisines will be more popular

Whenever it comes to take a hunger bite people in India rush to restaurants serving noodles, momoz, manchurian, etc. The dish dipped in sauces and different gravies have touched the heart of youngsters in the country.

Eric Ho, Founder, Yo Yo Noodles, mentions, “Chinese foods have always been a popular cuisine worldwide. Recently, we have seen a group of people liking spicy foods, that’s why, we have also launched ‘Sichuan Selection’ with the choice of having it mild, hot or extra hot, and I think it proves that 2014 will see the rise of Chinese Cuisines.”

Japanese and Vietnamese Cuisine with Indian touch

Vietnamese food is making its presence in the country and Vietnamese Teppanyaki-style cooking is gaining popularity as it is similar to the Indian Tawa method of preparing food. So, a fusion of Indo-Japanese dishes is on the rise.

Vivek Kapoor, Co-founder, Dineout, points out, “People want to try different cuisines today other than old Mughlai and Indian food. Lebanese, Vietnamese and Japanese foods are on high demand today.”

Pankaj Bhadouria, Masterchef, says, “In the year 2014, you will find Sushi bars, Mediterranean restaurants, Lebanese and Mexican, to name a few. Fusion foods will be in trend – mixing of international flavours with Indian flavours can be found in many restaurants.”

Organic food

Consumers, especially those in the high-income bracket are increasingly shifting to organic vegetables and allied products, and while eating out, too, they want a similar experience. No doubt, these products are more expensive vis-a-vis conventional vegetables sold in the neighbourhood store, but the health benefits of organic products is attracting customer towards organic food.

Chef Jolly, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Bangalore, says, “Organic/seasonal/local and fresh will be seen more as people are concentrating more on health and light foods have become a trend.”           

On the go food

Busy lifestyle is giving a trend of mini meals. Today people like on-the-go food due to the shifts in the eating habits and the monotonous work culture.

Mayur Mathur, Owner, Yo! Dim Sum, says, “On-the-go food is in demand as it consumes less time and one can carry/have it on the go and I think it is going to rule throughout this year.”

Today’s consumers are more interested than ever in what they eat and from where their food come from and this will be very much evident in the food trends that is going to rule the country this year.

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