Top five restro-bars in India to celebrate Christmas
Top five restro-bars in India to celebrate Christmas

With global advent to India, dining out scene in the country has changed vigorously by not only experimenting with the food but adding a bigger theme to the restaurant.  And, as youth is the major crowd pullers today, pubs, bars and nightlife are the new trend in the industry. They are the main target group as they visit regularly to these places in large numbers. It has shown a remarkable growth rate in India especially in the metro cities- Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, Pune. A closer look to top places in five Indian cities.

The Vault Cafe

One of the best pubs in Connaught Place, Delhi; the ambience and setting are very British Colonial, giving a Royal Vibe. It has the quirky elements in terms of F&B preparation and presentation. The interiors have been specially crafted in a particular style incorporating old heritage clocks and treasure boxes The USP of Vault lies in its name, there are separate Vault chambers constructed for a private and royal experience. It consists of five different Vaults, which can accommodate 8-22 people as the number of covers and is ideal for small gathering or private parties. This place is known for food and music.

Waters – Pub & Grill

It is situated in south Mumbai into the central suburbs; reflects the spirit of progressive suburbs. The defining character of the place is that it places a lot of emphasis on being chilled out. This seemingly simple idea encompassed a lot of social norms which need to be appreciated if one has to understand what constitutes chill behaviour. Waters Pub and Grill is a place for more than great food.

Toit Brewpub

This is a brew pub in Bangalore, brewing culture that promises some bodacious brews, fabulous foods and a supreme brew-pub experience. Toit is the place to tantalize your taste buds as well as to chill out the quality time with friends and family. It has spectacular views from the rooftop as you indulge in mouth watering snacks, sumptuous cuisines and exotic spirits.

The 1st Brewhouse

The 1st Brewhouse serves five styles of revitalizing flavours as soon you walk in, you will be taken by the aroma of freshly brewed fine quality Beer. It serves the customers with special beer freshly brewed and handcrafted under personal supervision of a German brew master. It has a range of more than 2000 varieties such as Ales and Lagers in the draught format, served in a relaxed ambience, to the tunes of lounge music. It also has wonderful atmospheric wooden interiors.


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