Top Food Trends to Rule Restaurants in 2020
Top Food Trends to Rule Restaurants in 2020

As the New Year approaches and Food & Beverage industry experts are working on their predictions for food trends to lookout in the year 2020. Last year, prediction for food trends, included a rise in CBD productsvegan meat snacks and eco-conscious packaging. For 2020, Senior Chef’s from F&B Industry makes predictions including an increase in local produce usage, traditional food plating and plant-based meat products. Here is how these chefs have predicted the trend:

Chef Tarun Sibal, Director, One Fine Meal, Delhi:

Collaborative cuisine – It will be the biggest trend in the year 2020. Collaborative Cuisine is about combined ingredients, native cuisines, cooking techniques, flavours and dishing out magic on plates.

Mushrooming – You will be seeing a lot of use of Mushroom in the year 2020. There will be the use of Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Chocolate and Mushroom Pickle, etc. are the things that you will get acquainted within 2020.

Beans and Legumes – Beans & Legumes are the great replacement for meat as a source of vegetarian protein and we will be seeing them in all shapes and all sizes and will be celebrated across the globe. The high protein content and the slow release nature of energy will be a big part of the kitchen.

Citrus – Citrus will be the new sweet. Sweetness will be paired with tart, pies, key lime cakes and acid this year. There will be the use of grapefruit, oranges and Kinnow, Pomelo, Blood Orange, etc. for making the salads. 

Atypical flavours – We will see the unique ingredient sprinkled on your food like Arima Sansho and Japanese mix, triphal, Carbo, Negra and carbo are all new flavour combinations chefs are playing with.

Fermenting and pickling – Adding good bacteria to your gut will be again a trend that will prevail. You will see a lot of use of curd, Kombucha tea, Kefir, Miso, and Kimchi etc... Fermentation helps in increasing both the shelf life and health benefits of many food items.

Food Back on the plate – You will see the traditional food plating where food back on the plate with food being first and art and rest of the plating later.

Grazing tables – Family Style Grazing table is a feast for the eye and an open invitation for everyone. One can lay the buffet of breads, dips, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, bite-sized sandwiches, as long as it can be picked up with the hands and will save time and space. Chefs will use the grazing table for community-style feasts in restaurants.


Chef Manoj Rawat, Executive Chef, Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon, Baani Sqaure:

I would say food trend cycle would start again. By this I mean, food will shape up with necessities in food like simplicity, healthy and less.


Healthy Food is here to stay: With more and more health related issues in people, there will be a call for healthy food. Less oily, high in nutrients, power foods, special food, and local ingredients, organic, seasonal will be the parameters on which chefs will make the menus.


Less fine dining: As hotels, special tables or fine dining will be less frequent as whole mind-set of get together is changing. Now a days, its semi-professional not much of hype and different venues.


Special menus / foods: Food allergy and intolerance is very common (thanks for medical science for exploring) these days, hence a requirement for more menus and varieties for celiac, keto diet, vegan foods and more.  This will also affect food packaging companies as well.


Vegetarian food over non-veg food: There would be demand for vegetarian food varieties over non-veg. due to awareness of benefits of the vegetarian diet. This will not be restricted to the offering on the menus but also chef would need to be creative to tailor creative menus for both eyes and tongue. For example, in Navratra, guests would see what is new than normal traditional stuff.


Hotels preferred destinations: However, there would be more and more options for Food and beverages, but I still feel that hotels would still be preferred place for events, brunches, parties and more.


Chef Sidharth Sharma, Corporate Chef, Moonshine Food Ventures


Farm to Plate: The culture of farm to plate is probably going to grow, fresh farm produces, seasonal specialties will be a hit. Mini farms at unit/outlet levels to add fresh picked herbs and alternate flavor to the plate is also going to grow.


Conscious Eating: Another trend taking the momentum is the eco-conscious eating is growing. Customers these days are concerned about where and how is the food being produced. And, what is its real source. Not to miss the socio-responsible cooking that would include being responsible for the products one uses, not just the edible stuff but also the support material and the waste it is generating.


African Food is Getting Attention: In terms of culinary trends- African food seems to be getting a lot of attention globally and we may see Indian restaurants exploring this route.

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