Trekurious to enter Delhi by 2016- Rukmankan
Trekurious to enter Delhi by 2016- Rukmankan

What is the Trekurious experience all about?

We design and curate amazing experiences, like dining with a Michelin-starred Chef or a vineyard owner, and make it easy for people to find, book, and enjoy them.

Could you tell us a little about your revenue model? Have you noticed any trends in which you generate the most revenue?

Trekurious ensures that we get the best deals from our partners and ensure the same is extended to the end user. We keep a small margin of the ticket price as our commission. We find that gastronomy experiences are the most popular, followed by experiential activities for kids, such as cooking and baking classes.

How easy or difficult is it to convince high profile venues / chefs to agree to your revenue model?

It`s really not easy and we have to come up with the most innovative and creative ideas and also have to demonstrate that we can deliver. It's a bit easier now that we have a track record but in the beginning it was quite tough.

What are the different types of cuisine you offer through Trekurious?

We're not really a 'food company' as such so I can't really answer this question. However, we tend to do a lot of experiences that pair food with wine and spirits.

How did the idea of Trekurious come about? What was the initial challenge?

The original idea was to redefine individual travel by creating great experiential tours and activities that allow travelers to have a more immersive experience on their holiday. We then later applied that principle to creating great gastronomy and leisure experiences for local residents as well. The latter business is now bigger than the travel business.

The initial challenge was, as usual, funding and then convincing partners to work with us.

What is the marketing strategy you incorporate to promote your brand?

We have a content driven strategy, we are super active on social media, we have a great blog, and we connect with our loyal customers on FB. Word-of-Mouth has also been a great source of marketing for us.

Can you tell us about the initial investment made? Are you looking for external funding?

For external funding, we raised seed capital from some angel investors including Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Google India. We are currently raising money to invest in the business in India.

What are your expansion plans?

The plan is to focus entirely on Sri Lanka and Mumbai this year, and expanding to other markets such as Delhi, Dubai and Singapore in 2016.

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