Veggie-Delights Set to be the Biggest Dessert Trend
Veggie-Delights Set to be the Biggest Dessert Trend

Vegetable is something people usually don’t prefer to have in their food, children and adults alike. But how about serving vegetables in the form of desserts? Yes, a dessert which is not only nutritious but also comes with a great taste. Veggie dessert is a trend which has infiltrated the food industry and is creating a huge presence in the market.

These desserts are allowing people to increase their intake of vegetables to meet the bodily reuirement of nutrition. With the change in eating habits, people nowadays prefer fast food products which may be good in taste but can be a big problem when it’s about your health.

The dessert market size is growing at USD 26 billion and is expected to grow to USD 33 billion by the end of 2024 at a CAGR of 2.3%. According to the Food Technology magazine, you don’t have to just swallow the vegetables just to meet the proper nutrients. Food industry has come up with an amazing trend where vegetables are mixed with desserts to provide taste in a healthy manner. Their main motive was to provide something to the customers which will satiate their hunger and will compose of proper healthy ingredients at the same time.

Desserts are always regarded as a product which can make a person addicted to it. It doesn’t matter whether the person is health conscious or not, the addiction and craving for desserts can be seen universally. In India, many people feel that their meal is incomplete without having something in the form of dessert. The main thing that comes with the desserts is that it’s almost preferred by people of every age group making it a universal cuisine.

“India is known for the cravings for desserts from a very long time. Knowing the fact that it usually comes with a great amount of calorie, people still prefer to have it with their meals. This new trend is something which is very interesting for creating a balance in such people lifestyle. “Mixing vegetables with desserts is a proper way of feeding them with good amount of nutrition along with the taste they crave for,” says Chef Pooja Dhingra of Le 15 Patisserie.  

With vegetables as an ingredient, chefs are getting more creative in providing something different in the form of desserts. They believe that it gives them a lot of option to play with the ingredients bringing out something new which is going to attract a lot of dessert lovers. “What could be more satisfying for a people who are eating desserts which are healthy in nature,” explains Dhingra.

Veggie desserts allow the chefs to open their hands for trying something new which is not familiar. They have already started experimenting with vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, cucumber, onion etc by blending them with desserts towards providing a completely different eating experience. According to a survey, the number of health conscious people is increasing slowly who are looking for options where they can have healthy food which are great in taste.

Veggie foods are basically a sure shot success in providing people with daily nutrition which they lack in their meals like minerals, proteins, fibers etc without compromising the taste. “The quantity of healthy food being served in our country is not that much. There should be some new innovations which can meet the hunger of people along with being healthy in nature,” shares Aaditya Pancharya, Owner, TGIH. 

Veggie desserts has eventually come out as an option which is going to be liked by most of the people. Health conscious as well as dessert loving people have something unique in the market which can act as a blessing for them satisfying their hunger and needs. With the trend catching up with time, Veggie desserts have a bright future ahead of them in the coming years.

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