We are affected badly by the new export-import law - Avni Biyani
We are affected badly by the new export-import law - Avni Biyani

What is your say on the development of cuisine in India?

I think with people getting more aware and the exposure to so many different cuisines and foods via television where cookery shows and celebrity chefs come up with different aspects on the cuisines has really helped in the development and modernisation of Indian taste while choosing food. The social media promotions have also helped the younger generation to change their food habits in India as they are open to try new and are experimenting with food. The gourmet food is growing and I believe that more than the other foods, the speciality foods are growing. Ten years earlier, people were not much aware about foods from different regions, but today they try everything from Dosas to Kashmiri paneer, Wazwan, Uttapam, Poha and the list goes on. So, I think with this awareness about food, the industry is really going to grow.

What is changing the food palate of the Indian consumer?

Indian consumers are more evolved today as compared to a few years back. People are travelling and Indians today have travelled to all corners of the world and thus, this is changing the food palate of the global Indian consumer. Meanwhile, they know about finer nuances of food and hence are very selective while eating.

You have tied-up with regional and international vendors at single platform. What are you doing to promote regional cuisines in India?

We are launching a brand in May where we will go to every country and bring the speciality food of that country to ‘Foodhall’ and we will be doing many more exciting things related to foods at Foodhall this year.

How do you connect with your consumers and who is your target customers?

We believe in connecting with our consumers by arranging events like cookery classes and demos by celebrity chefs. We do lots of social media where we connect with the consumer who is global is promoted.

What is your comment on the new export and import law made by the government?

We are affected badly by the new law on exports and imports. And we are talking with the government so that we could solve this as the law has affected the retailers badly.

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