We are developing and launching our new concept in Aerocity: Vineet Wadhwa
We are developing and launching our new concept in Aerocity: Vineet Wadhwa

How it all began
It started with just an idea in 2008 of moving from the catering space into restaurants that focused on an experience of wholesome food. It was truly the venue location (Garden of Five Senses) that inspired the story and concept of FIO, which is to create a heavenly escape from the regular city life. Country Kitchen & Bar was conceptualised this way, right in the middle of Garden of Five Senses. Cookhouse & Bar came about as an extension of the story in an urbanscape in 2013. And now the story continues with a compact version in smaller spaces.

Creating an everlasting experience
We strive to achieve a fine balance between trends and quality of food to create a holistic experience for the cosmopolitan Indian. In this direction, we have evolved seasonal menus in the restaurant. Painting a bigger picture, Fio Cookhouse & Bar is not just a pub-n-grub culture that many watering holes here follow, but we have tried to introduce a global suave-popular in western Metropolitans - with seamless quality dining and a nightlife experience.

Quality food, service and hygiene are some of the essential key elements. Over and above we curate many offerings that suit different age-groups and moods- be it a quiet date-night, a ladies’ luncheon get together, a mid-day coffee, an evening drink, a night out dancing on the weekend or a lazy Sunday brunch with family. The service and brand culture team works collectively to maintain these moods and let them co-exist in the same space without hampering the others, making the experience memorable. Our ethos is ensuring that people have a good time amid our services and leave with a smile on their face.

Design that attracts
Design is innate to our core company members. We extend design sensibilities and solutions into most of the aspects of our brand; these are not just interiors, but also graphics. We try to inculcate and influence design thinking into operational solutions, food presentation, menu and communication to build customer experience.

It’s all about good food
It’s a dual cuisine restaurant- Modern European, mainly Italian and contemporary Indian. The menu is not fusion, but a contemporary twist of Italian food juxtaposed with humble Indian food.


Flying high
We are franchising Pan-India with the Fio-Cookhouse & Bar model, where our current priority is mega-metros and some mini-metros.In the category of Premium Casual Dining, we are developing and launching our new concept in Aerocity, New Delhi, soon to be followed with a second in a leading mall in South Delhi.

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