We are looking at 600 plus orders in next two months- Cyberchef
We are looking at 600 plus orders in next two months- Cyberchef

How the idea of starting a marketplace for home cooked meal was born?

Home cooked food which usually people think is like another Tiffin service or Dabba System is going by. The city like Bombay, Gurgaon or Delhi is the one which actually understand this concept. So, when we started this concept, we wanted the people who actually need this type of food. Normally when people order from outside, they think it will carry the extra butter or extra makkan on it.

But with the changing time people are understanding and lot of them are becoming very conscious about their body. That is how this idea came out.

Who are some of the chefs at your platform? What is the revenue sharing model between you two?

We have around 70- 75 home chef at our platforms who are housewives. Other than this who loves to cook, and are in catering business are also good for us.

It depends on how the quantity it will take to, how it is high will be for company.

As you are serving a wide variety of home cooked cuisine. How do you maintain the authenticity of each of the food?

When you get home chefs, one thing you are clear that you have specialized lot of things. As an individual home chef is good in a single cuisine. Recipes which we never heard off, family recipes which we never tried, but they are specializing in and they are comfortable in.

What is the unique marketing strategy at cyber chef as we have number of home cooked food players today in the same place?

Whenever we do our marketing, we see three or four strategies, which we keep in our mind. First is to communicate the idea that we have.  Second is to reach out to lot and lot people. We do lot of reference program, we give our food to taste 5-6 people who can say how it is. This is showcasing our product, something we do.

What is the number of order that you are targeting to get in next two months?

We are looking at 600 plus orders, as we are three months old company and there are many repetitive customers.

As you are presently operating in Mumbai and Delhi. What is your expansion plan?

By the end of 2016 we want to reach out to Pune and Bangalore.

Who are some of your regular customers and who do you see as your target group?

Our regular customers are nuclear family, 16-17 year old teenagers and the people who understand the concept like this. And the target groups are all foodies, people who are health conscious and who are away from the family.

As companies like you are a hot topic among food investors. When can we see funding at your end? Where can we see those funding being used?

We are effectively funded at the financial year end. A lot of things have to done within the organization, company and technology for the customer who comes to us.

What are the numbers of employee you have presently. What is your view on building a smart team?

Presently, there are nine people in operation and 12 delivery boys. The team is efficient enough and good at what they are doing. Whenever I hire anyone, they have done their work perfectly.

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