We are looking for franchisees to expand our business: Pind Pure's Owner
We are looking for franchisees to expand our business: Pind Pure's Owner

Tell us something about your restaurant? What things you kept in mind while designing it?

The main focus while designing the restaurant was on giving a feel of pure Punjabi restaurant to all the customers who walk in. We want them to feel as if they are in Punjab. We have three sections in this restaurant – one is the proper dhaba section, second is a proper table and chair section, and third is a proper sofa section, where table has all the spices in it.

What is the average footfall of customers daily?

The average footfall would be around 150-200 on weekdays and it gradually increases on weekends to approx 50-100 more than what it remains on weekdays.

How do you decide what makes the menu? Who are your target customers?

We keep in mind all the aspects that our menu should suit the palate of adult as well as a kids, so we try and keep a wide range of dishes and cuisines – be it Chinese, North Indian, breakfast options, etc.  We keep in mind that our menu should fit and satisfy people of all age groups.

Are you looking for expansion?

Yes. We are definitely planning to expand in a year or two. We are looking for franchisees to expand our business and we are in talking terms with some groups for the same. We will launch different restaurants and franchisees. We want to go slow, make the first one successful and then move to the next one.

How do you ensure fast service and hygiene factor in your restaurant?

We have designed our kitchen very spaciously. We have different counters for different cuisines and each counter is assigned to specialized cooks, so that the work is much faster and organized. We also focus on the hygiene part of it, so it gets cleaned every one hour.

What is your marketing strategy?

We have no such unique marketing strategy. We only work on marketing through word-of-mouth in the city. So, word-of-mouth publicity is what we follow and consider.

Tell us about the food products and ingredients you use in your restaurant?

We use special ingredients and products in our restaurant to give customers complete feel and taste of the cuisine. We completely focus on using the quality branded products and we never compromise with the price or availability.  

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