We are looking for investors- Purnabramha Foods
We are looking for investors- Purnabramha Foods

How did you plan to start a vegetarian Marathi restaurant in Bengaluru?

The answer is very simple but little emotional. I am here at Bengaluru after marriage and working in an IT sector. So I use to crave for my native food which is not available. I use to order my native food from my mother’s place but that vacuum was there from day one.

Similarly, people from across India migrate to Bengaluru and crave for the authentic Indian food. But nobody stand for vegetarian food. You will only find core Korean food, core Mexican food etc. As there is so much of diversity, so no core Indian food or Maharashtrian food can be get easily. I started small catering items like Diwali item in 2006 and use to give that food to my friends and this way this restaurant was started.

What does the crowd seems like, normal crowd, marathi’s or a combo of both?

Believe me, out of 200 thalis sold in a weekend, only 20 people are Marathi, rest are normal people. We have around 100 customers daily and for weekends it gets booked on Thursday only.

We serve finest cuisine from Maharashtra that tantalizes and satisfies everyone’s taste buds.

Who do you see as your major competitors?

I do not see anyone as our competitor in the region as we are the only one who is serving vegetarian Maharashtrian food in the region.

What Marathi twist you have added at Purnabramha? How is the response from the customers?

Puranpoli, Sabudana Khichadi, Koshimbir etc are some of the options everyday in our menu and especially on Sundays. Recently I have an order of 350 Puranpoli and 350 Vada Pav. I believe in classic. The basic is what we serve.

I receive feedback from Facebook reviews, Zomato reviews, Food Blogger, Book Blogger etc. Besides, that I also have a feedback form, where a mother wrote that I have never seen my kid to eat in such a good manner.

Purnabrahma's staff is known to be well-mannered and trained. How did you manage to maintain service like this?

It is easy. I told them that you are not only preparing the food and serving the food; you have to understand that the customer has come for some reason. There are three kinds of people who come; to enjoy, some come out of expectation or who has no one to share with.

When can we see you entering into the North Indian market?

We are planning for expansion. Many people have approached us from outside, so I am planning to open centre at Singapore, USA. These deals are happening in next month only as my team is ready and also education plans are also ready.

What are your future plans in terms of no of outlets?

This is a hub. It can serve nearby 10 small locations.

Do you have any plan to sign a franchisee deal?

Yes, we are looking for franchising. Ladies who are sitting at home due to personal home problem but have lot of potential. I do women power and believe in Women empowerment. We are looking for investors who can raise fund for us in India and also abroad. 

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