We import our ingredients because we are really particular about the quality: Siddharth M
We import our ingredients because we are really particular about the quality: Siddharth M

What’s the whole idea with a new menu?

We always look for innovation because it is the key to maintain an upper hand in the industry. This time we came up with a unique milk shake mixed with dessert which makes the shake freaky. The concept is inspired from Australia where usually people put all kind of things i.e., brownies, cookies and doughnuts on top of a shake and then serve it. We have taken a step further by doing something which is unheard of. Our shake is made up of thick homemade chocolate brownie blended with ice creams and then we stuff it with lots of whip cream and choco chips along with the pieces of same blended brownie. The unique element which we have added on top of everything is the choco lava cake over the shake which makes it kind of messy, huge and overloaded. We also have a different version of it in which choco lava cake is replaced with red velvet cake and milk shake is replaced with strawberry cheese shake.

What is the story behind the name?

There is a lot of chaos involved in it. Over all it looks pretty and delicious but it has almost everything starting from choco lava cake to chocolate brownie. It is difficult for a shake to have everything at once which could make anyone’s mind go freaky and that freakiness is the reason behind its name. What we are trying to bring on table for customers is the chocolatey awesomeness of shake to make them forget everything else in the world and dwell into the happiness of chocolate.

How about the pricing?

We have kept a reasonable price for so much in one glass because we don’t want anyone left out. It is INR 320 for a shake inclusive of all taxes which makes it affordable for everyone.

What’s happening at Brickwood?

As winter season is here and this is the peak time for restaurants because everybody enjoys dining out in this particular season, so we are expecting a rise plus we are aggressively looking for franchise opportunity. Our restaurant is getting big and has customers from various parts of the country and hence we think franchising would help.

What are the marketing plans for freak shake?

Our marketing is very straight forward. We use social media as our primary resource for marketing which includes Facebook and Instagram essentially. If we talk about Freak Shake, it has gone viral by the word of mouth itself.

From where do you source the right ingredients for this shake?

We import our ingredients because we are really particular about the quality and it’s rare to find those ingredients everywhere. Each and every product has to go through a quality check before reaching to the customer’s table. We firmly believe in transparency and it also helps in benefitting the customer which in turn maintains their loyalty towards our brand.

What are your upcoming projects?

We started as a wood fire pizzeria but now we want to take it to another level. We are thinking of introducing wood fire shawarma rolls. The flavour elements will be similar but it would not be like typical shawarma rolls. 

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