We look for constant feedback from our regular customers: Boveda
We look for constant feedback from our regular customers: Boveda

We see a good number of restro-bar being launched in the last two years. What has brought this trend in the Indian F&B industry?

The rise in income, especially in the middle class bracket, has initiated this trend. Moreover, India as an economy has become stronger and individual standards of living have improved over the past few years. Our culture is evolving; it is no longer frowned upon for women to go out drinking. We see tons of ladies coming for dinners and enjoying their sangrias and cocktails. Increase in the number of corporates has increased our customer base as they would rather go out than spend time cooking at home.

Both of you are management graduates, what encouraged you to start this venture?

We discussed this over a few drinks, when we were in University together. After that, we boarded a train that people of our age dream to do so, but usually abort it in the middle. We, however, decided to ride it till the end. Having a management background gives you a good basic perspective to enter any industry and we figured it’s better to learn and get experience in something we are passionate about. Also, the great support from our parents gave us the confidence to follow this dream.

What kind of tie-up and revenue sharing arrangement you have among yourselves as partners?

We both are equal partners. Sonthalia is more task-oriented in nature and handles back end operations and is the early one to come to work, while I am in touch with the creative aspect of the place in charge of ensuring that guests have the best experience possible.

What made you to start a resto-bar serving Euro-American Gastronomy? How do you ensure quality?

We never intended to specifically have Euro-American gastronomy; we just drafted a menu of the dishes that our head chef made best. In fact, you can find some amazing Euro-Indian fusion dishes on our menu too. As far as quality control goes, we look for constant feedback from regulars and friends. We both are always at the venue since our office is in the same building. Most of our meals come down from the kitchen, so as soon as we feel a shift in consistency, we take strict action.

You are currently present in Mumbai, do you plan to enter other cities as well?

Of course! It has been a long journey for us to make a good name in a highly competitive market. I think now it’s time for us to take this brand further to emerging markets like Pune and Calcutta.

What is the investment so far? Who funded the same?

Investment is partly financed by family and partly by the bank.

How is your marketing strategy different from others in the race?

We are trying to provide an overall holistic experience that starts from dinning to people dancing the night away. We have noticed most people with similar outlets are chasing short term profits and curating nights on a one off basis, but we on the other hand, are more focused on creating long term like our Frisco Friday and Big Sunday Chill.

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