We offer great taste with healthy benefit: Red Mango
We offer great taste with healthy benefit: Red Mango

What is the reason behind the growing culture of Yoghurt in India?

The trend has changed radically with the way people eat in India, consumers today expect food players to offer something they consider to be healthy, and they expect that it still tastes good. We fit in by providing a health option with great taste. There is paradigm shift in the consumer’s palate from eating ice-cream to a healthier option of having frozen yogurt which is low on calories and have become open to experiment new flavors and tastes. 

After your entry into the Indian market as major yoghurt player. How has been it evolved in all these years?

There was a certain void in the Indian market for certified authentic yogurt player. Red Mango wished to bring to India a healthy eating option and with our pro-biotic Froyo, we seek to introduce to the health conscious consumer of the country the brilliant taste of froyos and smoothies in their preferred flavors. And we certainly succeeded in positioning the brand and “REDIFINING Frozen Yogurt in India”.

We are the only frozen yogurt cafe in India to offer the very successful concept from the west “SELF SERVE“YOU SWIRL IT, YOU TOP IT, YOU WEIGHT IT “ and this is new and unique way of selling frozen yogurt or any form of dessert in India.

What is the power punch of eating youghurt?

We serve Froyo with an experience with our self service concept where in our customer and health loving consumers have liberty to serve as little or as much of their favorite dessert and toppings. Unlike other desserts that often contain artificial ingredients or excessive calories from fat and sugar, Red Mango frozen yogurt is all-natural, nonfat or lowfat, and certified gluten free with our delicious Madagascar Vanilla Froyo, Sonoma Strawberry, Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazelnut and Raspberry

What are the different varieties of yoghurt available at Red mango? How has been the response till now?

We have had a great response where customers love us for our Froyos and the experience we provide at all our cafes.  We offer different Froyos at Red Mango: Madagascar Vanilla, Sonoma Strawberry, Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazel Nut, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cappuccino, Mango and Original.

Red Mango yogurts available at 99 paisa/gm are made of premium flavours such as Madagascar Vanilla, where the ingredients are imported from Madagascar, the finest producer of vanilla in the world; Sonoma Strawberry along with Strawberries imported from Sonoma in California, Blueberries from Europe along with most premium chocolate servings using Ghirardelli

We have exclusive tie ups with other global brands like Ghirardelli and POM, who are the finest manufactures of chocolates and pomegranate juice respectively.

Can you share some data about your growth in Indian market and also on an average what is the footfall per week?

We have an average footfall of over 2000 people per week at each of our store.

What are the marketing strategies that you have used at Red Mango?

We have positioned the brand is India as a lifestyle health brand. We present health on a new platform in its newest flavor i.e. with gloss and glamour.  We run our ATL and radio campaigns on regular basis to educate the consumer on the benefits of frozen yogurt in a fun way. We participate in schools to get the kids acquainted with the concept of healthy eating.  The product hit among women and so we have various brand alliances with women centric brands. We host events of various forms that relate to brand and it’s positioning.

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