We serve across 68 cities in India: Tyson Foods
We serve across 68 cities in India: Tyson Foods

Indian frozen food market is Rs 1,500 crore. What is your share in the market?

Presently, we are a very small player in the frozen food segment, but we are looking to attain 10 per cent share within next 2-3 years time.

Do you think that the QSR and the frozen food market are targeting the same customers?

The frozen food segment targets people falling between 15-60 age group and the QSR focuses on the young adult or the fast moving generations who like easy to grab foods.

What is the supply chain process at Tyson?

We have two manufacturing sectors – one is at Taluja (Maharashtra) and another is in Bangalore. We ship products across the country and we have made our presence in around 68 cities across India.

What is the cold chain process at your plant?

The biggest challenge in India is the cold chain infrastructure. Our company with the help of our partners have put across a wide network of cold chain infrastructure across the country. We aim to grow to 100 cities in the next 2-3 years time.

 What is your product placing strategy when people are becoming more health conscious?

Any food item that you choose to eat comes with a taste and then texture i.e., the mouth fit comes first and then comes the health. Though the health is in the mind, but the food has to be of taste grade. Tyson food is a US-based company and have got expertise in rearing, weaving the chicken. So we control the parent bird, the feeding programme and the vetenary services and thus the quality is best ensured focusing on the healthiness part of the food. We also follow very strict food safety and cleaning process in plant and in the supply chain.

What is the reason that ready-to-eat market is increasing its growth in the country?

The ready-to-eat market is growing very fast, especially in tier-II and tier-III cities as women’s are getting into jobs and they have lesser time for the kitchen. They need the same experience in a reasonable bracket and thus, ready-to-eat is on demand.

Frozen food is a healthy quotient or a comfort facility. What is your view?

Frozen food is both healthy and a comfort facility. It is a healthy quotient because you have preserved the freshness and nutritive value of the product. But if you look at comfort, then it gives you the convenience to store along with easy option to take out and use.

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