We want Hello curry to be a synonym with great Indian taste- Founders
We want Hello curry to be a synonym with great Indian taste- Founders

Hello Curry, one of the first Food-Tech start ups from Hyderabad announced their entry into the Bengaluru market last week. The company has launched units at Ulsoor and Saharanagar, through which they will cover the central business district and parts of North Bangalore respectively.

Why a food outlet?

Sandeep: The reason why I began a food outlet is when we travelled I saw that there are proper brands representing the Italian cuisine, Lebanese, Chinese or the Continental food. Whenever we want to have the global food of our choice we know which platter to order from. We also know they come in good packages. But, What about Indian food? If a corporate office wants to order Biryani for lunch it would be an exuberant deal. We want to make food simple that can come in good packages and in boxes with spoons so that people can just eat and then discard it. We want to make “Hello curry” synonym with good Indian food with great box packaging. One can eat during travel or during urgent office hours with absolutely no tension of high pricing rates or emptying pouches into plates. We provide food in discardable boxes and spoons.\\

Raju: We want one brand globally that can speak of Indian authentic food, whether the great tastes of Biryani or simple vegetarian food, we want Hello curry to be a synonym with great Indian taste.

What is exclusive at Hello curry?

Raju: Hello Curry has solved the puzzle for customers when it comes to ordering Indian food online. Due to lack of convenient options, working lunches of busy professionals have consisted of un-appetizing pizzas and sandwiches mostly because they are easy to carry and consume. With the unique Hello curry boxes, we are making tasty Indian food more accessible. Hello Curry has solved the puzzle for customers when it comes to ordering Indian food online. Traffic snarls and parking take the fun out of eating out. We are the first “Home delivery only” Service for high quality Indian food with award winning packaging.

Which dish is exclusive?

Raju: The Hyderabadi dish “Karam Kori” is exclusive of Hello curry.

Why has it been named as Hello Curry?

Sandeep: We wanted to basically invite people to our food and the best way to do that is to say “ Hello” and in India hardly people have food without tasty curries and hence “Hello Curry”.

Why ventured into Bengaluru?

Sandeep: We see Bengaluru as a good prospect since it is an IT capital. There are many corporate houses and lots of innovations are happening on ground of food here.

Raju: Here people come from all walks of life. Different cultures, different backgrounds and hence what else can work best for food.

How has been the success of Hello Food in Hyderabad?

Sandeep and Raju in chorus: The response has been tremendous. Lot of people loved our food and that’s the reason we are planning for expansion. In the entire sphere of food service retail, there is no reliable brand delivering Indian food with fast food efficiencies’. Since our launch in Hyderabad, Hello Curry has quickly established itself as one of the most reliable home delivery brands in the food sector and witnessed incredible reception from all segments of customers.

Tell us about your offerings?

Raju: We don’t have just biryani. Interestingly among the quick service players, Hello Curry is the only brand that boasts of six varieties of Biryanis and Pulaos, curry pots (Curry served with a choice of Paratha or Rice) as well as appetizers, rolls and stuffed parathas all in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

What made you come up with serving food in boxes?

Sandeep: We wanted to remove the table and chair concept for food to be eaten. We wanted to make it easy, affordable and with variety in Indian food.

How do you think that you will be able to make Hello curry an Indian global venture?

Sandeep: When we think about Pizza, Pizza hut comes to our mind. When we talk about chicken KFC brand comes to our mind. For Chinese cuisine it is “Mainland china” and when we want to order good authentic biryani or Indian food what comes to our mind. Some good restaurants, some street food. Hence we thought of evolving hello curry that could make Indian food a global venture with great packaging.

What are your future plans?

Raju: Our next step is Delhi and eventually whole of India. Later we would expand to global diasporas as well.  We have been actively engaged in discussions with a few investors to raise Rs 50 crore to expand our services across India. We plan to kick off our operations in NCR soon with the seed fund we have raised from SRI capital, owned by serial entrepreneur Sashi Reddi. Our aim is to become number one home delivery brand for Indian food in next 18-24 months.

Sandeep: Hello Curry will also be soon launching their innovative light on purse and right on the diet options weigh and pay in Bangalore so that one orders exactly how much they want to consume. Initially Hello Currys biryanis will be offered through “Weigh” and “Pay”. Customers can choose from nine different varieties of scrumptious biryanis, choose the exact portion size (in grams) as per their appetite and pay 50 paise per gram.

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